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Woman slams judge who ordered her to give nude photos to her ex-husband
Featured Image Credit: Lindsay Taylor/Facebook/LinkedIn

Woman slams judge who ordered her to give nude photos to her ex-husband

A woman has spoken out against a divorce judge after he ruled a nude photo album she gave her husband rightfully belongs to him

A woman has spoken out against a divorce judge after he ruled that a nude photo album she gave to her ex-husband as a gift now rightfully belongs to him.

In April, 2021, Lindsay Marsh filed for a divorce from her husband, Chris, and the separation was finalised earlier this year in July.

However, little did the 43-year-old know how messy the annulment of their marriage would end up being.

A divorce and district attorney judge in Davis County, Utah, named Michael Edwards, ruled a boudoir photo album which Ms Marsh took nude photographs for and gave to her former husband now rightfully belongs to Mr Marsh.

Ms Marsh has since slammed the judge over their decision, branding the whole situation 'unimaginable'.

When Ms Marsh first filed for her divorce from her husband, she claims court documents prove her ex-husband initially requested the whole photo book back - including her naked images.

However, he later allegedly retracted his invocation and asked for the 'loving and intimate messages' Ms Marsh wrote inside the album to him instead.

"He'd ask for the entire book back. Somewhere along the line, I don't know if he got advice from his attorney or if it was somebody else, then all of a sudden it was, 'I just want the inscription," the 43-year-old told The Independent.

Lindsay Taylor has been left outraged by the judge's ruling.
Lindsay Taylor/Facebook

Judge Edwards sided with Mr Marsh and ruled he would be allowed keep a copy of the album but with the images censored by a third party - only the captions and written notes remaining visible.

Mr Marsh told CNN: "I cherish the loving memories we had for all those years as part of normal and appropriate exchanges between a husband and wife, and choose to remember the good even though we are now divorced. I sought to preserve only the handwritten love letters they contained."

Edwards subsequently argued the photo album was a valued keepsake to Mr Marsh from the pair's marriage.

However, Ms Marsh still objects to the ruling as a violation of her privacy given a third party will view the images and has argued the album was made 'between a husband and wife' of which is a contract her and Mr Marsh are no longer a part of.

Ms Marsh views the ruling as a violation of her privacy.

In response to district judge Edwards' ruling, Ms Marsh has called out the ruling as misogynistic.

She stated: "I think it is just disturbing that we have judges out there who are sitting on the bench, who are making these rulings, who are deciding people’s futures, deciding their lives, and they’re not even looking at all the evidence."

Ms Marsh explained how her former husband has made her feel like he sees her as 'an object' opposed to a person and accused him of acting out of 'control and manipulation'.

Mr Marsh has 90 days to decide whether or not to accept the edits which have been made to the boudoir album.

Ms Marsh plans to dispose of the nude images once the 90 days is up.

Ms Marsh has branded Judge Edwards' ruling as 'disturbing'.

She resolved: "I’m gonna have a party with all of my old friends, the new friends I’ve made along this journey, and we’re gonna burn them."

The ex-wife resolved: "To have these three men [her ex-husband, his lawyer and Judge Edwards] decide what gets to happen and who gets to see my body was very shocking.

"I don’t want anybody to be in this situation ever. Nobody should ever have to feel like they belong to somebody else."

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