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Woman gets ultimate revenge after discovering her bully's dad subscribes to her OnlyFans

Woman gets ultimate revenge after discovering her bully's dad subscribes to her OnlyFans

Lucy Banks, who has over 100k followers on Instagram, reveals she had the last laugh.

An OnlyFans content creator has got the ultimate revenge on her childhood bully.

Lucy Banks had the last laugh after sharing in a TikTok video that revealed how her bully’s father had become one of her subscribers on the content-sharing platform.

The onscreen caption read ‘The girl from my hometown who tried to ruin me. Her dad just subscribed to me’, adding it was the ‘greatest day ever’.

I mean, nothing says payback like I have the family in the palm of my hands, especially your dad.


The video left many congratulating Banks, as one user wrote: “What a way to show him you're doing well mate, nice one.”

Another said: “This is so embarrassing oh my.”

While a third commented: “It’s the lack of self-respect for me.”

And just to rub salt in the wound, the content creator revealed earlier this year that she has earned over $1 million since launching her account four years ago.

Instagram/Lucy Banks

Banks, who has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, admitted that when she started on the platform, many from her small town judged her.

But she quickly began earning big bucks.

"At the time, I think I made $3,000 and I was like, 'Amazing!'" she told Mamamia.

"It's only because I come from a small town and everyone found out I did OnlyFans. Everyone wanted to have a sticky beak but I knew I could [make more money] in a month."

And while OnlyFans initially served as a side hustle for Banks, she soon realised it could be a lucrative career.

"I didn't really take it seriously [initially] but once I did start treating it like a business and worked full-time hours, I think I made around $10,000 that month and the rest is history,” she shared.

However, many family members and friends cut off the mother of two once they discovered her new job.

She continued: "I fell out with my entire friend group. It was really hard and there was a time when I was like, 'What have I done?' I felt so bad but then there was another side that kicked in and told me, 'You have not personally done anything to those people. You're still the same person. Focus on your goals. You're trying to build a future for your boys.'”

Thankfully, Banks reconnected with her family once they saw the future she was building for her children.

Turns out, you really can have it all.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Lucy Banks.

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