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Woman arrested for reckless driving speaks out after her mugshot goes viral

Woman arrested for reckless driving speaks out after her mugshot goes viral

People were desperate to know her beauty secrets

A woman who was arrested for reckless driving has broken her silence after her 'hot mugshot' went viral.

Imagine getting in trouble with the police, putting the whole ordeal behind you and then having it resurface eight months later?

Well, that's exactly what happened to one woman who has gone viral with her smirky mugshot.

Koval went viral after the mugshot was posted.

Veronica Koval, 27, from Virginia, was charged with reckless driving in May 2023 after she was found to be way over the speed limit.

Koval, who is a nurse, spent a night in jail after doing 99mph in a 55mph zone.

She was also given a $750 (£591) fine before having her licence suspended for 30 days.

While Koval thought she'd left it all in the past, the incident caught up with her.

Months on from her arrest, Koval was left in shock when she discovered that her mugshot had gone viral on Instagram page, @mugshawtys.

Now, people are desperate to know her beauty secrets.

Adamant that she's actually 'a very average person', Koval explained she loves a bit of botox and filler, and credits the injectables with keeping her looking her best.

“I’m a Botox and filler girl!” she told the New York Post.

“I will 100% tell you that I get Botox done a couple of times a year.”

Koval also enjoys laser facials and medical grade skincare, which refers to products that contain higher concentrations of active ingredients than what you would ordinarily buy over the counter.

She also credits her hairdresser, Virginia-based stylist Sadye Pearlman, who she says is 'the only girl I will ever let touch my hair.'

People have been desperate to know Koval's beauty secrets.

Despite having a pretty spendy skincare regime, she does keep her makeup pretty low budget.

“I’m a Target girl, I’m balling on a budget,” she added. “I’m not out here making millions and millions of dollars!"

And ever since her mugshot went viral, a single Koval has been getting *a lot* of DMs from people wanting to take her out on a date.

Koval says she's learnt from the offence.

Speaking about the ordeal, she said she's definitely learnt her lesson and will never speed again.

“I definitely made a mistake. I don’t condone it, [and] I will never speed again," she said.

“I’m very respectful of the authorities, I wasn’t going to argue with it.

“I just kind of kept quiet, did my thing.

“I just try and turn everything into a positive."

Featured Image Credit: Handout / Instagram / @‌veronicakoval

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