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Woman sparks debate after she starts snacking on her groceries before checking out
Featured Image Credit: @cecilybauchmann

Woman sparks debate after she starts snacking on her groceries before checking out

She tucked into some snacks and then paid for them at the end

A woman has divided opinions after she revealed she will often snack on items while shopping at a supermarket and then pay for them at the end.

TikTok user Cecily Bauchmann shared a clip in which she could be seen handing over the empty packaging of items to the clerk on the checkout and explaining: "I also opened this in-store. I'm sorry, I was so hungry."

The member of staff doesn’t appear to be too bothered and replies: "I can just scan it, you're good.”

Captioning the clip, Bauchmann told her 1.8 million followers: "OPENING FOOD IS A NORMAL THING AT THE GROCERY STORE K?"

Given that the clerk didn’t seem concerned and that Bauchmann dutifully paid for her goods, you’d think that most people wouldn’t have an issue with it - however, we all know that’s never the case when it comes to social media and the seemingly innocuous interaction managed to firmly divide opinion.

One person commented: “I have never in my life opened food in the store or even considered it.”

“Never done this, taught to never do this,” said another.

A third questioned: “What if your card declines and you’ve already eaten it?”

Cecily Bauchmann shared the clip to TikTok.

While someone else added: “I feel like you're probably not supposed to do that.”

But not everyone thought the practice was odd, with many saying they do the same thing.

“It be like that sometimes, I be starving,” said a fellow TikTok user.

“Yes, from time to time it is just necessary,” agreed another.

Others claimed to be cashiers and said they didn’t like it when folks did this.

“When I’m a cashier I get annoyed sometimes when people hand me their trash to scan,” said one.

"I hate when people do this," another added. "Especially for their kids... and then hand us the nasty dirty packages."

The mom-of-four explained that she had tucked into the food while shopping.

But a third cashier disagreed, responding: “I used to work at a grocery store. It happens all the time and we appreciate the honesty.”

For those wondering where you stand legally, according to Find Law, eating before paying is not necessarily shoplifting - as long as you pay before you leave.

However, the post goes on to stress that in real life it might not always work out like that.

“Shopkeepers generally have discretion (called the shopkeeper's privilege) when it comes to detaining someone for suspected shoplifting,” Find Law explains.

“And because of that, the determination can fall into a legal gray area.”

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