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Woman filming herself in gym as man calls her 'stupid' sparks debate whether it should be banned
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@emmysbakedbeans

Woman filming herself in gym as man calls her 'stupid' sparks debate whether it should be banned

People have a lot to say on the matter

A viral video has sparked a debate online about if people should be allowed to film themselves in the gym or not.

A staggering 9.5 million people have viewed a TikTok of a woman filming her set at her local gym.

But it's not to see her form why people watched the video, but to instead listen to a guy's rather rude objections to her recording.

A raised voice can be heard saying in the clip as the woman does an arm workout: "Try spending more time working out. It'll help a lot more.

"Sitting there f**king video-taping yourself the whole time. It's stupid why you're doing it."

While I personally agree that people filming in the gym is pretty annoying, there's a much, much politer way to address any grievances you might have.

TikToker Em - who goes by the username @emmysbakedbeans on the platform - went on to address the matter.

"I just want to say, please don't let people like this or this video discourage you from going to the gym," she said.

The TikToker was filming herself doing lateral pulldowns.

"You deserve to better yourself by going, do whatever you want without having to worry about people.

"So please just remember that and focus on positivity and working on yourself."

The matter has since been debated on Reddit, and it's safe to say that it's divided social media users.

"All Gyms should really ban filming," the original poster said alongside Em's video.

"Fitness influencers are making me hate the gym," one person replied. "I’ve been going 5x a week for 8 years now. They hog the equipment and take 10 minutes between sets. If you do this and are reading this, No. One. Cares. That. You. Workout."

Another went on: "The gym I went to banned filming and it was literally only these types of women who had a problem with it. Everyone else was happy, including 99% of the women in the gym."

Different people said the man who berated her was 'right' (even if he did go the wrong way about it).

However, others said that people shouldn't care what other gym-goers are up to.

"I couldn’t care less if someone films themselves," someone suggested. "I bet that guy barking at the girl wouldn’t say those things if it was a bigger dude filming himself."

Someone else echoed: "I mean, it wasn’t like she was bothering anyone. I get that it can be annoying when they act like they own the gym, but this girl was just working out and thought she’d record it.

"She wasn’t getting in anyone’s face. Leave her alone. Mind your business."

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