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Man leaves 'be patient' note to reserve gym equipment and people are outraged

Man leaves 'be patient' note to reserve gym equipment and people are outraged

People were quick to respond with alternative solutions after the note was posted on Reddit

A gym-goer who wanted to get their workout in at peak time left people furious after writing a note to reserve the equipment he wanted to use.

The idea of going to the gym is all well and good, until you actually get there and see that every machine you want to use is already occupied.

It can be annoying to have to hang around while things free up, but unfortunately that's just part of being a gym user - everyone deserves to have their turn.

However, one user decided they didn't want to follow that unwritten rule, and instead took it upon themselves to reserve equipment even when they weren't using it.

The gym goer was outed in a post on Reddit, where another frustrated fitness fan shared a photo of the controversial note.

The poster said the note had appeared at the 'busiest time of day', adding: "There were no free squat racks and this guy would do 3 reps then walk around and talk to other people for 5 minutes before doing another set."

The note had been taped to the middle of the bar on the squat rack, so other gym users couldn't use it without having the note in their face.

It read: "I'm in the middle of my powerlift sets & I take 4-6 min break between. Be patient."

The note urged people to 'be patient'. (Reddit/u/4ArgumentsSake)
The note urged people to 'be patient'. (Reddit/u/4ArgumentsSake)

While it's normal to take a rest between sets, it's nice to share the machine while you have a break - not prevent other people from using it altogether.

And Reddit users also shared in the poster's frustration after they put the picture of the note online, with one pointing out: "4-6 minutes is long enough for me to do what I need."

While another suggested that the Reddit user get back at the person who wrote the note, saying: "Rip off the “Be Patient” part. If he comes over all upset, hand him that."

"'Be patient' lol no get your own equipment and work out at home if you want to do that s**t," someone else responded.

The man put up his note at the 'busiest time'. (Getty Stock Photo)
The man put up his note at the 'busiest time'. (Getty Stock Photo)

Another gym user suggested another alternative as they shared their own experience of powerlifting.

"I used to do powerlifting and I remained by the bar [and] I was always willing to let people do a set or two during my rest," they wrote, adding: "People are so entitled nowadays.

"No sense of community."

It's unclear whether all the other gym goers adhered to the man's note, but hopefully he'll be more willing to share in the future.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/4ArgumentsSake / Getty Stock Images

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