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Stanley Cup being rented out for people to use for selfies is all booked up and people want in
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@e4stsidem4rios

Stanley Cup being rented out for people to use for selfies is all booked up and people want in

Slots for a selfie quickly filled up after the opportunity appeared online

If you had to pay for a selfie, what would you want in it?

Considering we can all take selfies for free at the touch of a button, it would have to be something worthwhile. Maybe your favorite celebrity, or an iconic landmark?

How about a big cup? Yeah, like a cup that you drink out of.

You might not think that's something worth paying for, but we're not just talking about any cup here - we're talking about a pink Starbucks Stanley cup.

At this point, you'll probably fall into one of two groups: those who can't understand why anyone would ever fork out hard-earned cash for a picture with a big cup, and those who need no further explanation, and are already sold on the idea.

One TikTok user who goes by the handle @e4stsidem4rios falls into the former category, and took to the platform last month to share her confusion after finding an ad for the selfies on Facebook Marketplace.

"Can somebody tell me why someone is selling selfies with their pink Starbucks Stanley on Facebook?" she asked.

The ad claimed the seller was booking up quickly.

The ad listed the selfies for $5 a pop, reading: “I have a pink Stanley Cup available for photo shoot. Selfies with it are $5 and I can meet at the mall during the day."

As if the offer wasn't baffling enough, the poster also claimed that she was 'literally booked up all afternoon on Wednesday' - indicating people were clamoring to for a photo op with the pink cup.

Though the person who shared the post on TikTok obviously wasn't impressed with the opportunity being handed out, some viewers indicated they wouldn't be totally against the idea of posing with the cup.

"Okay no one schedule for friday because I will be doing MY photoshoot that day," one commenter wrote, while another added: "PLS I WANNA DO IT JUST FOR SH**S AND GIGGLES."

If you are on board with the idea of taking a selfie with a Stanley, then the offer in this particular video actually might be one of the better deals out there.

Another post sold selfies for $10.
Facebook/Tee Kay

Earlier in January, another Facebook post revealed selfies with a pink Stanley cup were being sold at $10 per photo, with the caption reading: "If you couldn't buy one, now is your chance to take some cool pictures."

Demand for Stanley cups has been high for some time now, but fans became even more desperate to get the cups after the brand released its 'Winter Pink' tumbler in collaboration with Starbucks on 3 January.

Customers were limited on the number of cups they could buy, but the products still sold out quickly - leaving many people with no other options than to go home empty handed or, apparently, pay for a photo with one instead.

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