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Man breaks down five-year relationship that fell apart by sharing most-used words in texts for each year

Man breaks down five-year relationship that fell apart by sharing most-used words in texts for each year

Reddit users have reacted to the viral post by pointing out how the former couple's conversations changed over time

A man turned to data mining to break down the most used words for each year of his five-year relationship that fell apart.

It’s not unusual for people to reflect on the end of a relationship and its ups and downs, from looking through pictures to reading old text messages but very few transform the memories into data and share the results on the internet.

However, one Reddit user did just that by looking at the most-used words in the text messages between himself and his former partner - and the results are mind-blowing.

The post, which was shared this week by u/canadianhoneycreeper in the DataIsBeautiful thread, is broken up into seven slides to track the ups and downs of his now-ended relationship.

The first year is captioned: "We met online," and some of the most common words in their texts included 'haha', 'okay', 'good', 'weekend' and 'food'.

In their second year they moved in together and the most used words also included 'haha' and 'good'. This was in addition to some words you’d expect to see since they lived together at the time, such as 'home' and 'room' as well as affectionate terms like 'baby'.

The man shared the most used words in his texts with his former partner (stock image).

The third year was dubbed ‘Bliss’ by the Reddit user and the common words between the pair included the likes of 'movie', 'baby', 'Bub', 'pizza'. We can only assume the the pair had a lot of lovely date nights during this time.

By the fourth year the pair got engaged and once again the most used words in their text messages included 'home', 'haha' and 'good'.

But things took a turn for the worst in their fifth and ultimately final year together. The caption for the fifth slide states: “She demanded a third move, then she kicked me out.”

Although it’s not entirely clear in the original post what went down between the two of them, the most used words that year included 'okay', 'good', 'yeah', 'oh' and 'hopefully'.

Reddit users noticed a clear shift in the words over the five-year period (stock image).

Following the split, they tried to resolve things but ‘catastrophe struck’ according to the slide’s caption.

In their texts in the sixth year they knew each other, they frequently used words like 'want', 'know', 'just', 'sure', 'yeah', 'think' and 'okay'.

The Reddit user compiled the most used words across ‘the complete texts’ for the seventh and final slide. Here we see all of their most used words during their time together and their failed attempt at reconciling. Some of the biggest hits were 'okay', 'haha', 'good' and 'baby'.

Check out all the slides in the post below:

The post has received a mixed reception on Reddit, with some users expressing concern while others were impressed and shocked by the results.

“This reminds me of the guy who kept the spreadsheet of sex. Pretty weird,” one person wrote in the comments.

“At first we had ‘haha’, but then it became mostly ‘okay’:(," another said.

Someone else observed: "Went from ‘haha, baby’ to ‘yeah, okay’."

However, one Reddit user had a theory about why the theme of the texts between the former couple changed over time.

They wrote: “I feel like my texts with my wife are like that because at first we talked a lot through text and now we mostly talk in person. Texting is either random I love you throughout the day or can you get this while you are out with ya, or ok as a response.”

While someone else wrote: “Damn this is a hard look after going thru a breakup. I like how u basically have documentation for where 90% of your attention was for 5 years. That’s impressive in itself. OKAY.”

Featured Image Credit: Alena Darmel / Edmond Dantès / Pexels

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