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Woman sparks debate after revealing husband ‘babysat’ their child as her Christmas gift
Featured Image Credit: Instagram / rafal_and_iyah

Woman sparks debate after revealing husband ‘babysat’ their child as her Christmas gift

Her husband quipped that her Christmas gift was 'freedom'

A mom was gifted her husband's babysitting services as a Christmas gift - and people online have a lot to say about it.

A TikToker known as 'Thats So Iyah' posted a video to her page last month where she revealed the so-called 'gift' she was given by her husband.

Iyah captioned the video, which has since generated over 443,000 views: "The best gift I could wish for [...] love u babe."

In the video, she told her 842,000 followers: "So, I just got back from the store, and my husband goes, ‘Did you enjoy your time? That was the other half of my Christmas gift."

"'You were gone for two hours, and I babysat. Your gift was freedom. I love you,' and he kissed me," Iyah continued.

Iyah shares a young child with her husband, Rafal.

Her husband Rafal, whom she shares her child with, then chimed in and quipped that freedom is 'the greatest gift of all for a mother'.

People have since shared their thoughts on the video, and it's safe to say that it hasn't gone down well with some.

"I really hope you guys are able to sit down and discuss that he's not babysitting if it's his kid," one person wrote.

"That's called parenting. And time away is absolutely needed. It's not a gift but a necessity."

"You can’t babysit you own kid, it is called parenting," echoed another.

A third went on to add: "Ouch…. That even hurt me and I have no babies."

And a fourth said: "Teach him that dads don’t “babysit” lol."

But others sensed that it was a more tongue-in-cheek post.

"It's a joke, right?" questioned one person.

"They’re probably joking guys. Lighten up," another wrote.

Iyah has since replied to the comment saying that 'somebody gets it'.

She then issued another comment putting people's minds at ease and confirmed that it was just sarcasm, writing: "It's called sarcasm/humor. We're amazed how many people believed we meant it."

Someone else also said that they could 'understand him', adding that sarcasm was their 'second language'.

Iyah, 24, is 21 years younger than her husband and says that she always dreamed of marrying young and becoming a mother.

In a separate TikTok video, she told her followers: "I've literally dreamed of this my entire life.

"I've always only wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and wife.

"I never dreamt of a career - this is my career, staying at home. I don't want to work, [my husband] works."

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