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People horrified after seeing how big a tuna fish actually is
Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Michelle Bancewicz

People horrified after seeing how big a tuna fish actually is

Our whole lives have been a lie

Why is it that when we think of tuna, we imagine teeny tiny fish?

People have been left in shock after a video of a ginormous tuna fish went viral online, with many having no idea they could even be that big.

You can watch the clip below:

The clip was shared on Instagram by Michelle Bancewicz - aka @fv_no_limits - who managed to reel in a 450kg bluefin tuna.

Michelle, from New England, is a commercial fisherman and managed to catch the tuna on her own, onboard her boat, which is named No Limits.

Michelle says she's fished on lots of different boats and has learnt her skills from some of the best captains in the world.

It's a seriously impressive feat - I mean, just look at the size of that fish!

"I am very thankful for each and every one of them," she told 97.5 WOQK Radio.

"They have all been super respectful and supportive of me being one of the only female captains in the area.

"It's not always easy to find and female crew who loves to fish as much as I do. I am always looking for the right female crew member."

After the video started circulating online, people were shocked. Not only by Michelle's incredible achievement, but because they never actually realised tuna were so big.

Michelle reels in the tuna on her own.

One person wrote on X (formerly Twitter): "This is why i’m scared of the ocean i always thought a tuna fish was small wtf."

While another said: "They cat fished us with those pictures on the cans."

And a third added: "I thought they were like 3 inches big..."

Others refused to believe the fish was actually a tuna, with many convinced the fish are actually tiny.

Some even thought the fish in question was a shark.

You might be surprised to hear that generally, we eat five different species of tuna.

We eat five different species of tuna.
Bettmann/Getty Images

These are albacore, bigeye, bluefin, skipjack and yellowfin.

Most of the tuna caught commercially is skipjack which is actually the smallest of the tuna fish.

But even skipjack tuna can grow to a length of 32 inches and a weight of up to 10kg.

"Tuna are huge!! Some can reach half a ton in weight, maybe more although that's rare," one person wrote.

"What tricks people is Tuna in a tin. They see a little bit of Tuna and probably think that was one fish."

Mind = blown.

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