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Homeowner has extremely petty response after people complain to remove 'eyesore' from driveway

Homeowner has extremely petty response after people complain to remove 'eyesore' from driveway

It's creative, I'll give him that

Neighbors can be quite demanding, but whether or not you listen to those demands can make all the difference.

Because you must live next to your neighbors every day, it’s better to have a positive relationship with them if you can.

However, sometimes that’s far easier said than done, and minor disagreements - like a noise complaint, for example - can transform into grand forms of pranks and malicious compliance.

Although, I don't think many of us have created a fake profile to expose an affair to their next-door neighbor before, have you?

However, it was a different story for one homeowner, as he and his neighbor joined forces in an act that many considered to be quite 'petty'.

The man was told to conceal his large boat from public view.

The boat, which sat in the homeowner’s driveway without any fencing to hide it, was considered an 'eyesore' - so it was requested that he build a fence to block the view of his vessel.

Luckily enough, one of the boat owner’s neighbors decided to help him out by getting back at the people who'd requested a fence to be built.

Hanif Wondir is an artist who also resides in Seaside, California, and was enlisted by his neighbor to paint a mural of his boat on the fence put up to conceal said boat.

Wondir uploaded both photos of the mural to his website and a timelapse of him painting it to his YouTube channel on May 8 - with the latter also including some additional context to the story in the description box of the video.

“My neighbor has a sea-faring vessel which he parks on the side of his home,” he said.

“A few weeks ago, he received a letter from the city stating he needed to build a new fence to hide said vessel from view of the street.

“After reluctantly building the fence and driveway, he presented a sassy idea to me that would require my artistic skills.”

While considered relatively 'petty', many were on the boat owner’s side.

One commenter on Reddit, where the post was shared, applauded the move, saying: “Just the right amount of petty. Revenge served, no one hurt. Perfect.”

While another said: "That's some pretty petty too. Great recreation of depth!"

A third commented: "Best malicious compliance I have ever seen."

And a fourth said that the boat probably only looked like an 'eyesore' to them.

However, a fifth warned that the mural could come back to bite the homeowner, noting: “If it's an HOA, I'd be surprised if they didn't have a rule on what color(s) street-facing fences/walls can be.”

For now, the boat will continue to be displayed loudly and proudly –despite its physical form being hidden from the world.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Hanif Panni