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Woman reduced to tears after receiving letter from neighbors following noise complaint
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/maartinapanchetti

Woman reduced to tears after receiving letter from neighbors following noise complaint

A TikToker received an unexpected tear-inducing response from her neighbors after making a noise complaint.

People are flooding to TikTok after a woman revealed her neighbor's response to her noise complaint.

Unless you live in the outskirts or rural countryside, the likelihood is you'll probably hear the people who live next door to you from time to time and may need to politely remind your neighbor that you have ears and don't typically enjoy being kept awake at night or woken up early in the morning.

And one TikToker's noise complaint certainly got quite the reaction.

The TikToker received a letter back from her neighbors.
TikTok/ @maartinapanchetti

TikToker Martina Panchetti - who goes by @maartinapanchetti on the platform - lives in London and took to her page last month to explain she'd sent a letter to her neighbors 'politely asking to make less noise'.

In the video, she notes the people who live next door are 'a family with kids' and she'd specifically highlighted them 'playing piano too early in the morning'.

And the response she received left her 'in tears'.

Martina's neighbors replied with a card in an envelope and upon opening the letter, the TikToker quickly realised it had been written by the family's children.

The TikToker's neighbors' children replied.
TikTok/ @maartinapanchetti

It read: "Dear neighbours, Thank you for your kind message. We realise that sometimes we can be noisy and naughty.

"We started learning piano and our teachers tell us to practice everyday. But we sincerely apologise not considering the times of the day and the weekends.

"To be honest, mommy has been telling us not to play in the mornings and she also wants to get some sleep on the weekends.

"We promise YOU and we promise our mommy to try to be more considerate."

The children finished the letter by noting they'd included some of their 'national Azeri sweets as a token of apology' adding they're not nut free, signing off as 'your loud neighbors'.

Martina confirmed the kids had also sent across their national sweets, which on top of the card, left her 'in tears' and quickly hopping to it to go and 'cook some Italian sweets' in return.

And other social media users have had a similar reaction. Prepare for a cuteness overload:

One TikToker wrote: "This would make me wanna put together a sorry basket for them."

"Now THIS is parenting!!!" Another added.

A third commented: "Plot twist, that’s a passive agressive note from the dad."

And a final resolved: "It’s actually mental how much your mindset changes when your neighbours become people to us and not just noise!

"I have this with my stompy yet lovely upstairs fella."

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