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Woman finds creepy hidden room behind door in her basement

Woman finds creepy hidden room behind door in her basement

TikTok users encouraged the poster to 'call the police' after she shared footage of the room

TikTok users have been left creeped out after a woman shared footage of the eerie room she found hidden behind a door in her basement.

With house prices and rent costs as high as they are at the moment, people are generally happy to accept any extra space they can get.

Even a built-in closet can be a massive bonus when it comes to storage space, but TikTok users were practically encouraging one resident to run in the opposite direction after she revealed a large room hidden in her house.

The poster explained she found the hidden room behind a door in the basement bathroom.

At first glance, the door looks like an ordinary cupboard - it was only when the TikToker pushed at the back of the 'cupboard' that she found it opened in to a huge room which locked from the inside.

The hidden room was behind the basement bathroom.

The room was painted white, pink and blue, with foot and hand prints covering the walls and the words 'love shack' written in colorful letters.

There were drawings pinned up to the beams across the ceiling, leaving the TikToker to ask her followers: "What do I do?"

Unsurprisingly, it wasn't long before TikTokers had their say.

One viewer described the room either as a 'fun little hide out, or the creepiest thing ever', while another encouraged the poster to 'call the police'.

Another agreed, writing: "Tell the police like just in case it’s linked to something…"

In an update, the poster claimed the room could be reached by standing on the toilet and climbing through the cupboard.

She explained that she'd given the room a fresh coat of paint before filling it with storage boxes, but said it was 'still creepy as hell' in the room.

The TikToker said the room was 'definitely' for kids.

"I don't like coming down here, but I will not be calling the police because girl, what the hell do you want me to tell them," she said.

The poster added that the room was 'definitely made for children', because it was too small to stand upright in.

"This was definitely kids in the '90s," she said.

Though many people have been left terrified by the discovery, some people have been left dubious about the post, questioning exactly how the TikToker managed to get so many storage boxes through the small cupboard.

However, poster has stood by her story and said the door was 'wide enough to fit the bins'.

After watching the video, one viewer said they were left feeling 'uneasy', though added: "Maybe I'm just suspicious of everyone."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @bigbrah1

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