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'Hawk Tuah' woman responds to rumors that she was fired from her job as she speaks out for first time

'Hawk Tuah' woman responds to rumors that she was fired from her job as she speaks out for first time

'Hawk Tuah' woman Hailey Welch set the record straight about all the claims that have emerged online

The Nashville resident known to people across the world as 'Hawk Tuah Girl' has spoken out after she was rumored to have lost her job.

Some people try for years to get famous, dedicating their lives to attempting to impress agents or making it big on YouTube.

Who knew that all you actually have to do is pretend to do a huge spit?

Hailey Welch's face is now familiar to people across the globe thanks to her response to the question of what 'makes a man go crazy [in bed] every time', but it wasn't long after the video was posted by creators Tim & Dee TV that rumors began to emerge.

Last month, one post online claimed Welch had been fired from her job as a school teacher over her response to the NSFW question.

The claim came from an outlet that openly describes itself as 'Tippah County’s #1 Publication For Satirical Laughs', so it wasn't exactly the most reliable source, but the rumor began to spread nonetheless.

Hailey Welch went viral for her 'hawk tuah'. (YouTube/Tim & Dee)
Hailey Welch went viral for her 'hawk tuah'. (YouTube/Tim & Dee)

Though Welch initially stayed quiet after the video went viral, she has since spoken out and cleared up any rumors about her employment status.

In an interview with PlanBri for Barstool Sports, Welch explained the rumor was entirely false, beginning with the fact that she's not a school teacher.

At the time the video was released, Welch, who is 21, said she was actually working in a spring factory.

"I'm not a school teacher, or a bartender," she assured. "I'm not even old enough to be a teacher."

The rumors didn't stop there, as the host also had to ask Welch whether her dad was really a preacher.

She responded: "My father is so far from a preacher it's crazy."

Welch was clear that almost everything online about her had been 'made up', saying: "None of it's true, at all."

With all of the lies that have been spreading about Welch since she went viral, it's no surprise that she's hoping to distance herself from her Hawk Tuah fame going forwards.

She explained: "I don't really want that to be my image. Like, Hawk Tuah Girl? I don't see that being my thing. I don't want to be known as that."

The 21-year-old added that she was just being a 'bit of a smarta**' when she responded in the Tim & Dee TV video.

"You're gonna come up to me with a microphone and ask me something like that," she said, adding: "I don't mean nothing by it."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/planbriuncut / YouTube/Tim&DeeTV

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