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'Hawk Tuah' woman address viral fame as she speaks out for the first time

'Hawk Tuah' woman address viral fame as she speaks out for the first time

'Hawk Tuah' woman Haliey Welch said she doesn't want the viral moment to be her 'image'

The 'Hawk Tuah' woman has spoken out after her viral fame for the first time - and set the record straight on some of the rumors circulating about her.

If, like me, you've just had two weeks off on holiday, away from social media and have logged back online to find yourself face-to-face with pages of stories and posts about Haliey Welch a.k.a. the 'Hawk Tuah girl,' wondering what on Earth is going on, well, prepare to be flung right back into the thick of it.

Haliey's response took the internet by storm. (Tim&DeeTV)
Haliey's response took the internet by storm. (Tim&DeeTV)

A video of Welch went viral on TikTok showing her answering the question: "What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?"

Welch's response to Tim & Dee TV? Well, in the video first posted on 11 June, she mimed mustering up some spit and responded: "You gotta give ’em that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thing, you get me?"

Yup. And, obviously, it didn't take long for the clip to end up all over social media.

And Welch has now spoken out about her newfound fame for the first time.

Welch sat down with Plan Bri Uncut's Brianna LaPaglia and revealed she is 21 years old .

In the video, filmed while she was at CMA Fest in Nashville, Hailey explains she was told her interviewer was a YouTuber, but thought she was 'never gonna see' the video ever again.

"Sure enough, I've seen this again," she adds.

And by Tuesday, Welch quickly realised she'd gone viral.

Welch has opened up about the viral video (YouTube/ Plan Bri Uncut)
Welch has opened up about the viral video (YouTube/ Plan Bri Uncut)

She continues: "That was Sunday, I seen it about the Tuesday after that - I s**t a brick. I seen it like two o'clock in the morning while I was getting up ready for work."

Responding to some rumors which have swirled since the video of her went viral, Welch confirmed she's not, in fact, a school teacher but used to be a spring factory worker and her dad is not a preacher either.

While her family has found her viral christening as the 'Hawk Tuah Girl' 'funny,' Welch adds: "I don't really want that to be my image... 'Hawk Tuah Girl'? I don't want to be known as that."

Welch reflects her answer which landed her in the spotlight was really just her being 'a little bit of a smart a**'.

She resolves: "You can tell I'm obviously joking in it, I don't mean nothing by it."

Welch clarified she deleted her social media around six months ago, not as a result of going viral, but has plans to make her way back online since her newfound fame, headed to New York and with plans to hop on some podcasts.

She teases: "There's more to come."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@planbriuncut/YouTube/Tim&DeeTV

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