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Flight attendant reveals the craziest things she's seen on the job

Flight attendant reveals the craziest things she's seen on the job

Flight attendant shares the worst experiences she's ever had during a flight with her followers saying the stories are 'disgusting.'

A former flight attendant has shared her horror stories from her cabin crew days – and some of them are wild.

For quite a few of us, we’ve had some rough experiences on a plane. Whether it’s having a panic attack, being sat between a stag do for nine hours or watching as someone claps when the plane lands.

There’s no denying sometimes questionable things happen while flying, but a former flight attendant has shared to her Tiktok the ‘worst experiences she’s ever had’ while being mid-air.

As she explains she wants to share them to ‘remember the stories in the future so she can tell them parties.’

Natalie Magee, who was part of the cabin crew for a few years, shared the the three minute video on her platform with her followers.

Bit of a warning, loads of them contain sick, so if you’re eating right now, I’m so sorry.

She shared one experience, telling her followers: “I had a woman who was holding a baby, who was crying and then projectile vomited everywhere while she was holding the baby and spinning around, so the vomit was covering her and other passengers and seats and bags, everything.”


The flight attendant shared her horror stories.

She shared more horror stories with her following, saying: “I had a guy once that was so stressed after a day of travelling that he just started going off at me, and then at the end of his rant gave me $20 for listening to him."


She said of one passenger: “I had a woman who wanted an economy plus seat, but didn’t want to pay the upgrade fee for it. So I told her I couldn’t move her until she paid for it. So she grabbed my arm and was yelling at me and wouldn’t let me go. So another flight attendant had to call the captain and she was escorted from the aircraft because she would NOT let go of me."

Her tiktok followers commended the flight attendant.
TikTok/ yogimagee

She shares more stories (like I said, most of them are pretty vomit heavy), shedding light on a day in the life of working on an aircraft. Many of her followers rushed in with empathy for the creator, with one writing: “People are so god damn selfish. It’s really gross to see that kind of selfishness in light of emergencies.’

Another agreed: “The way people lack empathy! I don’t like the idea of purposefully inconveniencing people. Sounds truly awful."

Featured Image Credit: yogimagee/TikTok

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