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Man captures 'best footage ever recorded' after spotting 'Bigfoot' in the wild
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Josh Highcliff

Man captures 'best footage ever recorded' after spotting 'Bigfoot' in the wild

The man said he 'could not believe his eyes' when he saw the creature

An unnerved man was left asking the public for help and advice after he captured footage of a creature some believed to be Bigfoot.

There are countless photos and videos out there which claim to show the elusive Bigfoot wandering the forests, but a post shared by a YouTube user named Josh Highcliff has been described as the 'best' footage there is.

Highcliff shared the video online after his eerie encounter took place on his hunting property in Mississippi, about nine miles west of Tunica.

Alongside his video, Highcliff shared some context which explained he had been hunting hogs in part of the swap located 'not too far from a road'.

"I was wearing hunting camo and just sitting dead still waiting for it to get dark, cause thats [sic] when the hogs come out," he explained.

While he was waiting, Highcliff heard a noise coming from behind the tree where he was sitting.

He initially thought it would be a hog, but when it came into view he 'could not believe' his eyes to see a 'huge black thing crouched by a dead cypress about 50 yards away'.

Highcliff insisted the creature wasn't a bear.
YouTube/Josh Highcliff

"[I] saw these big shoulders and a head upright with hands. It looked like it was digging out the stump," Highcliff said.

Though his 'first instinct' was to run away, Highcliff began recording because he knew 'no one [would] believe' him.

"I hear a truck driving down the road and the thing stood up!! I was trying to be dead quiet...when it stood up i could not control myself and ran," he said.

Insisting the creature was not a bear, Highcliff turned to the internet for answers, questioning if it was someone trying to 'prank' him.

"I always heard stories of skunk ape and honey island swamp monster from these parts but never thought about it being real ever," he said. "Has anyone seen anything like this in Mississippi?"

Highcliff asked the public for help identifying the creature.

After Highcliff shared his video, shocked viewers responded to share their thoughts and insist that he might be on to something.

"It looks so natural, like it's in it's element," one viewer wrote. "When you hear the crack of the wood when it rips it out it sounds like it's got some real strength. Pretty of the best [bigfoot] videos I've seen."

Another commented: "This is one of my favorite Bigfoot videos. I notice that hold my breath when I watch that thing."

A third added: "Honestly, this is probably the best footage ever recorded. Amazing that it’s not talked about more."

It's now been more than a decade since Highcliff recorded his footage, but Bigfoot still remains as elusive as ever...

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