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Amazon delivery driver left with immediate regret after not following customer's instructions

Amazon delivery driver left with immediate regret after not following customer's instructions

We feel sorry for the poor guy!

An Amazon delivery driver soon learned why a customer asked them to leave their parcel outside the fence.

The hilarious footage shows the moment the delivery driver meets some eager, four-legged guests at the fence.

The viral video, shared by @culiacankennels, shows the moment when the Amazon driver walks straight up to the customer’s fence and attempts to drop the parcel on the other side.

The caption reads: 'When the instructions say leave the products outside the fence'. Watch the footage below:

Obviously, the delivery driver didn’t take heed to the instructions and attempted to leave the parcels inside the fence instead.

But before the parcel touched the ground, two large dogs came running over to the fence. One of the excited canines jumped up and grabbed the box straight out of the delivery driver’s grip.

Thankfully, no hands were harmed even though his hands were through to the other side of the fence when the dog jumped up and grabbed the parcel.

The two dogs then tore the cardboard box apart on the front lawn.

As many dog owners are probably aware, pooches can be become very excited when a delivery arrives or when. While dogs often serve as guardians for their owner’s abodes, this can create some issues for when mail comes through the letterbox or in instances when an online order is dropped at the front door, as the unlucky man in the video soon discovered.

The delivery driver tries to carefully place the package on the ground.

The clip has amassed over 321,000 likes and more than 5,600 comments, with many viewers seeing the funny side of the ordeal while others shared some tips on how to avoid something similar happening in the future.

“I love unboxing videos,” one person quipped.

“He was trying so hard to set it down nicely too,” another commenter wrote.

Another TikTok user declared: “They are diabolical for that.”

Instant regret.

A fourth TikToker mused: “He must have went ‘Oh now I see’.”

Some people sided with the delivery driver, with one viewer responding to the video: “That’s hilarious! But I get why they didn’t feel right leaving the package on the street.”

Another supporter shared: “What a nice Amazon driver! Look how gentle he was going to be with the box to make sure it didn’t just drop to the ground.”

Note to self: Always read the instructions!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@culiacankennels

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