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Woman says the benefits of 'pretty privilege' are limited

Woman says the benefits of 'pretty privilege' are limited

Shye Lee described being pretty as a 'curse'

A TikToker and businesswoman has argued the benefits of so-called 'pretty privilege' are limited, claiming there is a downside to being beautiful.

The hashtag #prettyprivilege has become a hot topic on TikTok recently as users debate the pros and cons of being gorgeous - a trait millions of people across the globe strive to achieve every day.

TikTokers are questioning whether the phenomenon of being 'privileged' because you're pretty is real, with users discussing whether or not they've benefitted as a result of their looks.

Once self-proclaimed 'privileged' person is Shye Lee, a TikToker who runs her own social media and business strategist company called 7 Figure Creators.

Lee believes there's no question when it comes to the existence of 'pretty privilege', though says it 'only works in certain aspects of life'.

Being physically attractive can help secure free drinks from generous - and probably hopeful - strangers, VIP tables and interest from rich guys, Lee said, but she told the New York Post it's 'more of a curse than a privilege'.

The TikToker has experienced downsides both in her personal and professional life, saying: "I’m concerned for everyone who thinks those are such glamorous privileges. Pretty girls are never taken seriously.”

Citing one example in a video shared online, Lee recalled messaging a doctor to see if he would be interested in working with her company, only to get the response: "You should totally come to the office so I can examine you [winky face]."

Shye has argued there are more negatives than positives to being pretty.

When it comes to making friends, Lee claimed she's struggled with repeatedly getting comments like: "Oh, my God, I thought you were a b*tch but when I got to know you, you’re actually very kind."

She's previously fallen out with a friend who she believes was struggling with 'insecurity and jealousy', saying: “I started noticing that she just didn’t like me, because so many other people liked me."

Lee described how she's changed her life to accommodate for her good looks, explaining she closely considers every outfit choice and social media post to try and avoid creepy comments, and has even been forced to change gyms because other members made her feel uncomfortable.

Explaining why she decided to open up about the topic of 'pretty privilege', Lee told her followers she 'got tired of people trying to correlate pretty girl privilege as a perfect lifestyle'.

"Honestly I feel like no one gets screwed over more than the pretty girl," she added.

Featured Image Credit: @shye.lee/TikTok

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