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Woman can’t believe differences between Australian and American McDonald’s

Woman can’t believe differences between Australian and American McDonald’s

She decided to compare the menus from the two countries

A US woman living in Australia was taken aback after spotting the difference between McDonald’s menus.

Fast-food fans travelling overseas might be tempted to pop into a McDonald’s to check out the variations in what's on offer - and that’s exactly what Annika Swanson did. You can see her reaction here:

Annika decided to show her TikTok followers the difference between how McDonald's does things Down Under compared to the US - and the first thing she mentioned was the fact that you get a lot more food for your money in her homeland.

In the clip, she said: "We're at Australian McDonald's. I cannot get over the McChicken is $7.35. It's way cheaper in America. You also can't get McChickens after certain times. Oh brother."

But it’s not all bad for the Aussies, because Annika then points out several options available there that you can't get your hands on in the US, including potato scallops with chicken salt; numerous toasted sandwiches, including ham and cheese and cheese and tomato; banana bread; chocolate macarons and sparkling water.

Annika tried the McNuggets.

Annika explained: “That is something we don't have in America. They also have three piece McNuggets, which they don't have in America, which is what I'm getting."

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the nature of the food involved, Annika did confirm that the nuggets taste exactly the same as their US counterparts.

But one of her pals complained that her chicken bites are ‘too small’ but adds they have a 'good flavour' - while another pointed out the tiny amount of sauce on the side ‘seems illegal’.

Yeah, fair point, I have to agree.

The clip garnered plenty of comments from fellow TikTok users, with some questioning if the price discrepancy was due to the exchange rate, but Annika said that wasn’t the case and, even taking into account US conversion to Australian dollars, it was still more expensive.

She spotted several items not available in the US.

Others offered Annika some tips for her next visit, with one TikToker writing: ​​”One thing about Australian McDonald’s is you can literally ask for anything, and they will give it to you. Any hack, any sauce, anything.”

While another said: “Our beef burgers are much better in Australia than the US for sure, fresher ingredients too I felt.”

A third person commented: “You need to find yourself a 24/7 Maccas they aren’t as time limited.”

And someone else added: “Depending on the type of Maccas you go to, you can get chicken & cheeses for $2. Just gotta know when and where.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@fitnessbyanni

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