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Delivery driver who has worked since the age of 13 gets emotional after receiving tip from customer

Delivery driver who has worked since the age of 13 gets emotional after receiving tip from customer

After Sabrina Forbes gave delivery driver Ron Grim a huge tip, people are now donating to a GoFundMe retirement fund for him

After a heartwarming video showing an elderly delivery driver receiving a $100 tip went viral on social media, a GoFundMe fundraiser has started an impressive retirement fund for the grandfather.

On 11 January, TikTok user Sabrina Forbes shared a video with the on-screen caption explaining that she had ordered $500 worth of groceries.

She gave the delivery driver, who was later identified as grandfather Ron Grim, a $3 tip which he was very happy with.

“Hey sweetheart, I'm going to make your day even more better," Forbes tells the delivery driver as she films herself asking for the tip to be returned. He gives back the $3 with no questions asked and thanks her anyway.

But this was all part of Forbes' plan. She decided to brighten the man's day by replacing the original tip with a $100 tip and it left him visibly emotional:

“That’s the biggest tip that I ever got in my life,” Grim replies in disbelief.

“Well listen honey,” Forbes replies. “It’s cold, you’re a little bit older and you’re out here doing good things for people.”

Grim excitedly says he’s going to take a picture of his well-deserved tip, as the pair walk towards his car to get the rest of the items.

"Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. My heart can't take this," he can be heard saying.

The video has been viewed over 9.3 million times and over 18,200 comments and 1.7 million likes have been left by viewers who were also touched by the exchange.

“He thought he did something wrong for like half a second,” one TikTok user replied alongside a crying emoji.

The man was visibly emotional after recieiving the tip.

Another social media user replied: “THESE are the older people that we need tobe raising money for! He is sooo sweet and grateful!!!”

A third wrote: “He probably thought you was asking [for] your tp back before you gave him the 100 the slight panic that he did something wrong then he was happy.”

Someone else gushed: “Oh his reaction absolutely melted my entire heart this is so beautiful thank you for doing this for this incredible man.”

While another commenter wrote: “I’m in TEARS.”

Lots of comments also asked for a GoFundMe page to raise money for Grim. On 11 January, a page named ‘Oh, My Heart’ – Retirement Fund’ was created by Grim’s grandson Chad Hutzell.

In the page’s description, he explained that he made the page due to all the ‘positive comments and requests’ from Forbes’ TikTok post.

Grim was emotional after the gesture.

The description also revealed that Grim used to work on railroads but had to retire because of health reasons. He then discovered he had to have open-heart surgery.

The surgery went well but Grim faced a ‘long road to recovery’.

In a follow-up video, he explained that he had worked since the age of 13. The GoFundMe description written by Hutzell adds: “My grandfather continues to work because he loves to meet people and stay active. He feels that getting out and staying active keeps him young at heart.

“He is overwhelmed by all the positivity.”

After sharing the link to the GoFundMe page on her TikTok account, Forbes commented: "No need to thank me for doing God's work. It’s what we’re here to do. If you feel the urge to help anyone in your way- don’t hesitate, just help."

You can donate to the GoFundMe page here.

Featured Image Credit: @sabrinaforbes0/TikTok

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