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Woman got her husband a girlfriend that looks exactly like her to save her marriage

Woman got her husband a girlfriend that looks exactly like her to save her marriage

BQ, Tehmeena and Kyrah are now in a polyamorous relationship.

When this woman caught her husband cheating on her and she decided to take drastic measures - by introducing another woman into their relationship... who looks exactly like her.

Tehmeena and her husband Bryant have been together for over five years, but started having problems when she realised he hadn't been faithful to her.

In an effort to bring their relationship back to life - and keep her husband on the straight and narrow, Tehmeena decided they should try polyamory.

After some scouring online, the married couple found 29-year-old Kyrah from Australia.

It took a while for Tehmeena to come around to the fact that she was interested in women, but a few years into her relationship with Bryant, she realised she could see herself swinging both ways.

"When we started looking for a third partner, the best place to look was Bryant's Facebook because he just adds girls and girls and girls," she recalled on YouTube channel Love Don't Judge.

Tehmeena decided to introduce another girl into her relationship with her husband.

"I didn't understand it but now I do. Because now when he adds girls, I'm like, 'Oh, I like that one!'"

Eventually, they came across Kyrah, and it was a perfect match.

From their long blonde braids and fake eyelashes to their countless tattoos and matching outfits, Kyrah and Tehmeena are pretty much identical. And that's exactly the way they like it.

"I was looking for a woman that looked like me because Bryant likes that," Tehmeena shared.

"It's definitely made us stronger, we're best friends. This is the missing link that I was trying to figure out."

Tehmeena's friends have wondered whether Bryant had somehow 'brainwashed' her into agreeing to a polyamorous relationship.

But, despite what it might look like from the outside, she insists that it was her idea, not Bryant's.

"I am not gonna lie. 150 percent, I did feel insecure when we started looking for a third," she confessed.

The throuple has 'saved' the marriage.

"One of the reasons I wanted to be in a polyamorous relationship was I knew that it would also keep the attention of Bryant here.

"In the past Bryant hasn't been faithful and I feel like, if you are with a man you should do whatever is required to make that work.

"I want him for the rest of my life. Whatever he wants, whatever makes him happy, I will give it to him."

Kyrah is just as happy with their new arrangement - though she's hoping the throuple can move into a bigger house soon.

She said: "When we go out in public we always get asked if we're sisters or twins. We all do share one bed as much as we can - with the dogs."

When it comes to online hate the trio insist that they don't let it bother them, especially since it seems to be making their joint OnlyFans account all the more popular.

Kyrah added: "I just ignore them. They're taking the time out of their day to watch us, sign up to our OnlyFans. They pay our bills so, love you!"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@they_call_me_bq

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