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People are being triggered by 'Elevator of Death' that you can ride

People are being triggered by 'Elevator of Death' that you can ride

There's a certain type of lift dubbed the 'Elevator of Death', and of course people want to ride it

There's a certain type of lift which is known as the 'Elevator of Death', so of course people are trying to ride them for fun.

However, some people who are trying to ride these elevators are getting triggered because the very cramped conditions are setting off their claustrophobia. Have a look for yourself:

While most lifts are basically a very sturdy box which moves thanks to a well secured (you'd hope) system of weights and pulleys inside a single shaft, these other kinds of elevators work very differently.

They function with a series of open compartments constantly moving throughout a shape with two adjacent shafts and space at the top or bottom for the compartments to switch over.

One of the big differences is that these elevator compartments never stop moving, so there's no safety features like the thing stopping to wait for you or something as simple as having doors to completely prevent people from plummeting down the shaft to their untimely death.

These elevators just keep moving, so you've got to time your moment.
YouTube/Real Prague Guides

Due to their rather obvious safety issues they've been dubbed the 'Elevator of Death', and in more than a few cases they've lived up to their lethal names.

Their official name isn't the Elevator of Death, otherwise can you imagine the sales pitch to potential buyers, as they're instead actually called 'paternoster elevators'.

The name 'paternoster' means 'our father' in Latin and is the first two words of the Lord's Prayer, with the elevators so named because they work on a loop system like rosary beads sometimes used in prayer.

While many places have got rid of them for being horribly unsafe, there are a bunch of lift enthusiasts who want to keep the paternoster elevators going and some people even like riding in them.

You can find still working versions of the lift across Europe, with plenty still existing in Germany and the Czech Republic, as well as a handful of surviving contraptions elsewhere in the world.

However, some people are getting triggered by being inside them as it's setting off their claustrophobia.

People with claustrophobia might not want to try these.
dpa picture alliance / Alamy Stock Photo

Getting inside the constantly moving lift compartments takes proper timing, and once inside it's a very cramped space which moves between floors and gives you a limited window of opportunity to get out.

People watching footage of tourists trying the 'Elevator of Death' have been pretty spooked to say the least, with one viewer admitting it 'made my legs shake' just watching.

Another said 'I'd skedaddle out of there', which is a frankly splendid use of an underappreciated word, while someone else said it had set their 'heart beating so fast'.

Someone who had been on one said they'd 'cried after riding it', and in all honesty we can't blame them.

Despite the scary aspect of the paternoster elevator, plenty of people expressed an interest in having a go at riding it themselves, claiming they 'wanna go so bad' and they would 'absolutely love that'.

Rather you than me.

Featured Image Credit: The Kruns/Real Prague Guides/YouTube

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