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Chris Tyson says MrBeast has supported their gender identity for years

Chris Tyson says MrBeast has supported their gender identity for years

Mr Beast has responded to trolls surrounding Chris Tyson's identity online.

Chris Tyson has revealed that MrBeast has been supportive of their gender identity for years, revealing the close bond their friendship has provided.

For those not frequent viewers of MrBeast - the most subscribed channel on YouTube - Tyson is a regular presence on the YouTuber's crazy challenges and viral content.

While Tyson has featured as a supporting act in videos, they became the centre of attention in April as fans noticed some big changes in their appearance.

In a viral tweet where a fan put a side-by-side picture of Tyson, Tyson responded saying: "HRT, and it’s only been 2 months."

In the weeks following, Tyson's gender identity have been a big talking point online, especially as they features in videos watched by millions of people.

MrBeast regularly features Chris Tyson in his videos.

Obviously, being exposed to such a huge audience is going to bring comments.

And as we all know, the internet is not always the nicest place - so Tyson has received a lot of negative comments since.

But MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, has been fully supportive of his pal - and has consistently shut down negative comments on Twitter.

Popular YouTuber SunnyV2 even made a comment about Tyson's gender identity, saying they would 'soon be a nightmare' for MrBeast.

The famous YouTuber responded on Twitter saying: "Yeah, this is getting absurd. Chris isn’t my ‘nightmare,’ he’s my f***** friend and things are fine. All this transphobia is starting to p*** me off."

Tyson addressed MrBeast's support in GeorgeNotFound’s BANTER podcast on Wednesday (10 May), where they claimed the world's most subscribed YouTuber has known about their gender identity for years.

Chris Tyson has opened up about their gender identity journey.

"I mean, Jimmy’s known it since we were in college together," Tyson explained.

"I accidentally walked out of a bedroom — like, my bedroom and his bedroom were apart …obviously not very cis-het-male. And I told him. I told him, I was like, ‘I don’t really know what it is. I don’t know if I’m ever gonna be ready to like, deal with it.'

"And he was like, ‘Oh yeah, you know, I don’t care. Just whenever it becomes a thing, just let me know.’ And then for like, seven years, or however many years, I just didn’t let him know."

While Tyson said they wasn't sure of the 'exact terms' of their identity, they are very 'sure that a cis male is not correct' for them since a young age.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ BANTER / MrBeast

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