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Model shares her grandmother's final moments before she decided to be euthanized

Model shares her grandmother's final moments before she decided to be euthanized

Ali Tate Cutler's grandmother spoke openly about the process

Model Ali Tate Cutler has simultaneously warmed and broken thousands of people's hearts after sharing a conversation she had with her grandmother before she is due to be euthanized.

The Victoria's Secret model spoke to her grandmother, whom she calls 'Bubbie', about her decision to end her life with medical assistance after being told she was terminally ill.

Although Ali lives in Austin, Texas, where laws surrounding euthanasia are far more restricted, her 'Bubbie' lives in Canada, where the procedure has been legal since 2016.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, which now has over 3.2 million views, Ali asked her grandmother how she was feeling in the build-up to the day, what the process was like when she requested euthanasia, and what she thinks she'll see on the other side.

'Bubbie', whose real name was not shared in the video, said that she sees the upcoming appointment as a 'light at the end of the tunnel'.

Explaining how the process worked after she requested euthanasia, she told the camera: "I know that they set an appointment, [there's] an initial injection putting you to sleep, and the big pain is a prick in the hand to provide for the little valves.

"And then once you're in a deep sleep there are two other injections. At that point you don't know, so it's painless."

Ali shared her grandmother's story before saying goodbye to her for the last time.

She also shared that she'd prefer to do it at the hospital rather than at home because, as she puts it: "I came in quietly, I'd like to go out quietly."

When Ali asked her how she feels in the build-up to the day, she peacefully replied: "I'm looking forward to just putting an end to being dependent, [having] no control.

"I've always made my own decisions for myself in living. I trust I will in death."

She revealed that she's expecting her late husband to be waiting for her on the other side.

"I do believe my husband is there saying, 'it's about time'," she shared.

"And I'll say, 'Hi Arin I'm here'. That's it."

It wasn't long before Ali and her grandmother went viral online, and while there were naturally some viewers who felt a little bit uncomfortable and were opposed to 'Bubbie's' decision, most were moved by her story.

The model's grandmother has opted for euthanasia after receiving a terminal diagnosis.

One touched follower commented: "She's writing how her story ends on her terms!! Praying that you all find peace in her decision."

A second shared: "No one can fathom how hard this is for the both of you. You're both incredibly strong and you have so much love to you both."

And a third wrote: "What an insanely strong and beautiful woman. Big respect for her choice."

In a follow-up video, Ali shared her grandmother's words of advice for those who have years left to live.

"Laugh. Have fun. Enjoy your loved ones as much as you can," she urged.

"Tell them you love them. Be open, be honest, talk. Just talk.

"If you have love in your life, hold onto it because it's so precious."

Featured Image Credit: @ali_tate_cutler/Instagram

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