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Millennials are using an unexpected new way to find dates
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Millennials are using an unexpected new way to find dates

Would you try this to find a date?

For most millennials, online dating apps have become the norm when it comes to meeting a potential partner.

But a recent study has revealed that young people have found a fresh new way to find a date - and it's so surprising.

Young people have found a fresh new way to find a date.
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Dating apps have been around for some time now, but it seems the likes of Tinder and Hinge are not enough for some millennials, who have started mixing business with pleasure.

Yep, a new study has revealed that people are using a totally different app to find a partner. conducted research into how people in the US arrange dates.

Remarkably, 61 per cent of individuals aged 35 to 40 found their dates on careers platform, LinkedIn.

It's especially popular in San Antonio, where 71 per cent have found a date this way.

While we're pretty sure this isn't what the app is intended for, it seems to be playing a role in the dating game, with the trend also contributing to 52 per cent of all respondents aged 20 to 40.

Some people are using LinkedIn for dating.
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“Of course, it’s worth mentioning that LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram aren’t dating apps, so it’s important that you don’t intentionally add someone just to flirt with them,” say the survey authors, clearly unaware of how desperately lonely most of us are.

“In fact, many people will be against this and will not welcome flirting they haven’t encouraged.”

In the past, people have expressed concern over the platform being used in this way - after all, LinkedIn is supposed to be a site for businesses and employees to connect and communicate.

However, last year, one woman said it was a great dating app when she was looking for 'A-grade men' and took to TikTok to give her reasons why.

TikToker @candi.licious has been running through her experiences on 10 dating apps in 10 weeks and after giving Hinge, Bumble and Tinder a go, week four of her experiment saw her go a bit left field and try LinkedIn.

She said: "Why am I using LinkedIn as a dating app? The filters!

"Number one, I can filter for an education, MBA baby. Number two, I can filter by industry. I'm looking at doctor, lawyer, finance bro."

"Number three, I can filter by country, very important. Unfortunately I'm unable to filter by height but at least there are very good looking photos that I can kind of do height analysis on."

There was quite a lot of interest in the idea of using LinkedIn as a dating site with some people saying from past experience that 'it works'.

Someone else said they checked out their Tinder date on LinkedIn and 'we are married now'

Maybe it is worth a try, then?

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