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Man’s Every Day Rewards Code Tattoo Gets Him Discount In Genius Video

Man’s Every Day Rewards Code Tattoo Gets Him Discount In Genius Video

The unusual tattoo actually works at the checkout

An Aussie bloke has taken the unusual step of having his Woolworths’ reward card tattooed on his arm - and it actually works at the checkout. 

Yesterday, you may have seen the story of Dean Mayhew, 30, who got his Tesco Clubcard permanently etched onto forearm after regularly getting to the tills and realised he’d forgotten to bring it. 

But he’s not the first person to really stress the ‘loyalty’ in loyalty cards, because back in April a fella from Australia shared a clip of himself on TikTok with his very own, fully functioning, barcode reward card tattoo. Check it out: 

In the clip, the man can be seen at a self-service checkout where he scans a bottle of Sprite before then flashing his arm over the barcode-reader, which manages to read his tattoo successfully - confirming: “Your Everyday Rewards card has been added.”

The man says to the person behind the camera: “See? It worked.”

An absolutely stunning display of commitment to save yourself a bit of cash, I'm sure you'll agree.

The clip attracted a lot of attention and prompted a bit of a divide in opinions, with some saying it was ‘genius’ and others not quite so keen on the ink. 

One commented: “I'm not sure if I'm impressed or embarrassed.”

Another said: “OMG. That’s so cool.”

While someone else wrote: “Man’s the Terminator of our generation.”

A fourth TikTok user posted: “Man’s a genius.”


Much like this fella’s tattoo - Brit Dean’s Clubcard QR also works on the scanner. 

Shortly after spending half-an-hour getting his new tattoo, he and the tattoo artist Dan Rossetter went along to a nearby Tesco to check it out. 

Dan explained: “I did the tattoo and we decided to pop to Tesco down the road – we went to the self-service checkout but because of the way the scanner is situated he couldn’t get his arm flat enough and we thought it didn’t work.”

But they didn’t give up, with Dan adding: “We went to the till and a person with a scanner tried and on the first go it worked. Dean’s face lit up and I realised it actually did work.

“I think I’m always quite a fun outgoing type of guy anyway so it was a bit of banter and there is the element of it being a genius idea – it's not something I would have come up with off the top of my head, to be honest I thought it was quite cool.”

Featured Image Credit: @ralphrivera247/TikTok

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