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Woman gets matching tattoo on first date with her Tinder match

Woman gets matching tattoo on first date with her Tinder match

The pair got tattoos together on their first Tinder date and shared the results on TikTok

A woman has filmed herself getting a tattoo with her Tinder date on the first time that they ever met.

As first date ideas go, it’s quite out there, but obviously people are really into tattoos nowadays, so as long as you’re not getting the date’s face or address and bank details tattooed on you forever, there’s no harm in it.

If you want to see what happened on this unusual first meeting, you can watch the video below to see it for yourself.


The whole thing was filmed by Australian TikTok user @lil.allyway and – unlike how you might imagine – they didn’t just get tattoos and then go home.

On their date, they did quite a bit of stuff, including a trip to Starbucks, walking along the beach, going to a bar, and shooting some pool.

She admitted she didn't know what to have.

All in all it sounds like a pretty good date, to be quite honest, even if you factor in the indelible reminder left on their skin after it.

To be fair, it would be a worse date if you were left with a permanent reminder of it that you didn’t get from a tattoo shop, like a scar or a bite mark.

Stranger things have happened, right?

Anyway, captioning her video, the TikToker wrote: “This is your sign to do this because it's good for the plot.”

She then wrote: “Me and my Tinder match decided to get tattoos for our first date.”

The woman also later revealed that she didn’t even know what she was going to get inked on her until she turned up at the tattooist.

Again, that’s nothing too unusual for people who just like tattoos.

Decisions, decisions.

She ended up getting something tattooed on the back of her neck, whilst her date opted for something on the inside of the arm.

It’s proven a popular watch, with the video viewed nearly 500,000 times already.

Apparently, it’s not that uncommon, either.

Loads of people want to head out on dates and get tattoos these days, it would seem.

One person commented: “I did this for a first date, no regrets it's an EXCELLENT STORY.”

Another wrote: “Did this with my bf. We’ve been together 4 years now and expecting our first child.”

Jeez, maybe this is how everyone should start their relationships then?

Still, they both went through with it.

Another person said: “Every love story either ends in forever or heartbreak, worth the gamble.”

How very profound.

How are you going to spend your first date?

Any better ideas?

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Featured Image Credit: @lil.allyway/TikTok

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