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Man who drinks his own urine clashes with his flatmate over the smell
Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News

Man who drinks his own urine clashes with his flatmate over the smell

Brother Sage, 68, believes there are health benefits to drinking your own urine

A man who drinks his own urine has told how his unusual daily habit has come between him and his housemate, who is sick of the smell wafting into the kitchen. 

Brother Sage, 68, believes his urine is a natural ‘cure-all’, having started drinking it almost two decades ago. 

He says he often stores the urine he passes during the night for a drink when he gets up, but also uses it as a foot soak or eye bath – or sometimes ages it for up to three years. 

He is now selling a course costing up to £280 ($339) to help anyone else who wishes to unlock the apparent benefits of their own wee, claiming some of his followers have given urine to their kids or allowed their dogs to bathe in it. 

Brother Sage, from Colorado, said: "Most people will drink it first thing in the morning and people who are fasting or on detox will do 'looping' which means everything they collect will be drank throughout the day. 

"The cleaner you can get your diet, the better it'll look, taste and smell." 

Brother Sage, 68.
Kennedy News

While there’s no concrete scientific evidence to support that drinking urine has any health benefits, Brother Sage believes it heals everything from virus and sunburn to cancer. 

Despite his many fans, Brother Sage admits not everyone’s been won over – claiming he recently clashed with a housemate over the ‘smelly’ custom, and has had to find somewhere else to practice ‘urotherapy’. 

He also uses it as a foot soak or eye bath.
Kennedy News

"It's a good idea if this is your lifestyle to check in with potential housemates so they know you do this in your room, bathroom or in the house, so there won't be that moment of 'surprise, I do urine therapy',” he continued. 

"That created a hiccup in the house I'm in and I'm just readjusting where I do my practice now and starting to look for a new location. 

Brother Sage recently came to blows with a housemate over the habit.
Kennedy News

"The bedroom and my bathroom are too close to the kitchen so smells go down the hallway. 

"I'm [now] either practicing out in the yard, go to a nearby location or hot springs and spend three days just having a good time with it, then it's out of my system. 

"When there's something so near and dear to you, it feels like a compromise not being able to do the practice. 

"We had a lovely talk - a heart to heart - and there's no hard feeling. We just need to make some adjustments." 

Thankfully, he and his housemate managed to work things out.
Kennedy News

Brother Sage wants to build an international community of urotherapy practitioners, saying there are people across the world who consume their own urine or use it topically. 

After starting urine therapy in 1994, he said it was initially a ‘total spiritual connection’ for him, and had ‘nothing to do with health’. 

"As the years progressed, I realised there were some things I wanted to improve with my health,” Brother Sage explained. 

Urine foot soak, anyone?
Kennedy News

"I increased the use, dosages. There are over 24 topical uses on the skin, eyes and ears. 

"People are healing everything because there are no such things as incurable disease when you understand how the body operates. 

"They're healing everything from mosquito bites, sunburns, wasp stings, to gum conditions, viruses, diabetes, MS, cancer and Alzheimer's. We've got a woman working with a 21-year-old man with autism who is seeing results. 

Brother Sage offers a urotherapy course to teach others.
Kennedy News

"The most unusual thing is people are feeding it to their pets and their kids and watching their health be returned. 

"We realised that [urine] is a universal panacea remedy. You can use a man's, a woman's and cross it over. A dog's, a child's, a human, non-human - it works regardless. 

"Some people have constipation and challenges in their intestines. What they're doing is an entire GI flush. 

He wants to build an international community of urotherapy practitioners.
Kennedy News

"Some are doing aged urine enemas but if you want to clean the entire GI tract, drink an entire litre of urine and within 20 or 30 minutes you'd better be near a toilet because waves of bowel movements will start happening. 

"It sure saves people from the embarrassment of going to a professional colonic lady." 

Now Brother Sage is preparing to deliver his 12th course on urotherapy - a six-part programme over 15 hours - which he promises will teach people to basics of the practice.

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