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Anti-Vax Leader Urges People To Drink Their Own Urine To Fight Against The Virus

Emily Brown


Anti-Vax Leader Urges People To Drink Their Own Urine To Fight Against The Virus@realvaccinepolice/Instagram/Christopher Key/YouTube

The leader of an anti-vaccination organisation has urged people to drink their own urine to fight against coronavirus. 

Christopher Key is the leader of the so-called ‘Vaccine Police’; an organisation that condemns the Covid-19 vaccine and has repeatedly lashed out at the jabs and those supporting them over the last few months.


Key threatened those who were administering the vaccines at a Walmart in Springfield last summer, and more recently he set off on a road trip to try and arrest the governor of Louisiana following the announcement of proposed vaccine mandates.

Christopher Key (Christopher Key/Facebook)Christopher Key/Facebook

Now, Key is encouraging people to fight coronavirus with ‘urine therapy’ instead of getting the vaccine – encouraging the drinking of your own urine, over a simple injection.

In a video posted to his Telegram account this weekend, he said: ‘The antidote that we have seen now, and we have tons and tons of research, is urine therapy. OK, and I know to a lot of you this sounds crazy, but guys, God’s given us everything we need.’


He went on to claim the ‘therapy’ has been ‘around for centuries’ and told viewers to take his claims ‘with a grain of salt’, as some may think he is ‘cray cray’. He continued: ‘Now drink urine! This vaccine is the worst bioweapon I have ever seen. I drink my own urine!’

Key is said to have doubled down on his claims in a comment to The Daily Beast on Sunday, January 9, where he branded people who take the coronavirus vaccine ‘foolish’.

He previously described vaccines as a ‘bio-weapon’ in a video posted in mid-December, in which he brandished a flamethrower and claimed they ‘all need to be lined up, and they need to be exterminated’.


Prior to setting off on his ‘road trip’, Key described himself as the ‘vaccine police’ on Cay Clark’s daily show and alleged they have ‘shut down pharmacists’, The Daily Beast reports.

He continued: ‘We have shut down boards of education. And we will be arresting the governor of Louisiana on February the 7th if he does not stand down and not vaccinate the children of Louisiana.’

Key went on to claim that the arrest was coming ‘out of love’ because officials are ‘trying to start a civil war’ and ‘coming for our children’.

The leader’s video about ‘urine therapy’ was posted after he was released from jail following a charge of criminal trespassing in the third degree, stemming from an arrest at a Whole Foods in April.


If you’ve been affected by coronavirus and want up to date advice, visit the help page here. If you need medical help call NHS 111 or visit online

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The Daily Beast
  1. The Daily Beast

    Anti-Vax Leader Urges Followers to Drink Their Own Urine to Fight COVID

Emily Brown
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