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Winner of $250k MrBeast challenge reveals what she did with the money
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@yehslacks

Winner of $250k MrBeast challenge reveals what she did with the money

TikToker Breannah Yeh won the huge $250,000 cash prize

A TikToker who won a whopping $250,000 from a MrBeast challenge has detailed what she's done with the cash.

Breannah Yeh, who goes by @yehslacks on TikTok, recently won MrBeast's Laser Challenge where the YouTuber tasked ten contestants with completing several gruelling rounds.

The rounds were all different levels of difficulty and looked to challenge the contestants in different ways - from patience to agility.

MrBeast's latest challenge involved several laser tasks.

One of the final challenges saw Breannah and three others trapped inside a laser cage for over 10 hours.

All the lasers in the room turned off after this time frame for just 3.5 seconds, and in those few seconds they had to run to the other side of the room to a cube where all the cash was being stored.

But all four of them made it, meaning they had to do another challenge to find the winner.

Eventually it got down to just Breannah and one other, and after they ended up coming into contact with one of the lasers, she was crowned the winner.

Upon winning the cash, she told MrBeast that she would spend the money on 'adventures for other people' - and she did just that.

One of the first things she did was round up the three runners-up from the challenge and flew them out to California.

Breannah Yeh recently won one of MrBeast's challenges.

Breannah then set up a game of what she labeled as 'extreme laser tag' - where the four of them played your usual game of laser tag, but had to do it while paragliding.

A part two set to be released on her YouTube soon where Breannah tasks her mates with yet more extreme laser tag, this time involving slacklining.

But it wasn't just her fellow contestants that she splashed the cash on, Breannah also took her mom on a trip to her home country of Vietnam.

Apparently she hadn't been back home for over 30 years after fleeing the country during the war.

Breannah took her mom to Vietnam.

It was also the first time Breannah was able to visit Vietnam with her mom - an undeniably special moment for the pair.

"Experiencing my mom's home country with her for the first time in 30 years with her was absolutely wild," she said of their trip.

People have since praised Breannah for spending her cash prize on others.

"Best mrbeast winner money spender," wrote one person on TikTok.

"I love that’s how you spent it! That’s awesome, gained a new follower!" penned another.

You've got to admit, it's pretty wholesome.

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