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Influencer starts selling bottles of her own farts for $300

Influencer starts selling bottles of her own farts for $300

Well, that's one way to make money.

An influencer has a rather quirky way of bringing in some extra cash.

I think we can all agree there are some exclusive types of fetishes out there, but apparently there's a market for farts.

While I'd pay to have my partner not fart near me, some people are paying for jars of Cheng Wing Yee's flatulence.

As per her website, Cheng, better known as Kiaraakitty, is flogging farts for as much as $300 a jar.

Not quite the 2024 take on Christina Perri's 'Jar of Hearts' that you were expecting, ey?

The product description reads: "Are you curious how your favourite streamer Kiaraakitty smells like?


And it looks like a lot of people have fed said curiosity as, at the time of writing, the 21-year-old has officially sold out of fart jars.

But that's not all that Cheng sells; the Instagram and OnlyFans star also has used bath water (hello Saltburn), used lingerie, used stockings and used bikinis up for sale.

Cheng's bath water is the most expensive product on her page, which is going for a whopping $500.

Cheng Wing Yee sells her farts for $300.

While Cheng's line of business is undeniably niche, she's not the first person to dabble in fart selling.

In fact, 90 Day Fiancé star Stephanie Matto made a whopping $200,000 from selling jars of her farts.

But her dedication to her business came at a cost, with the Connecticut-based content creator and fart producer ending up in hospital.

In 2022, Stephanie thought she was having stroke - but her symptoms were actually a result of gas pains from her high-fibre, fart friendly diet.

In the wake of her health scare, she decided to cut back of her fart jar business and sell them as NFTs (nun-fungible tokens) instead.

Stephanie Matto made $200,000 selling her farts.

Explaining her reasoning for swapping out real-life farts for digital ones, Stephanie said at the time: "It was towards the end of my time doing the mass orders of fart jars that I began to see the toll it was taking on my body and health.

"I thought maybe digitizing the farts and putting them out into the metaverse was the best way to keep the farts going."

Since then, Stephanie has founded her own platform called Unfiltrd which promises to bring 'the most fun, exciting, and innovative way to bring fans and creators closer together'.

Let's hope that unlike Stephanie, Kiaraakitty's fart business won't take a toll on her health.

Featured Image Credit: Kiaraakitty

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