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Hooters waitress breaks down how much they actually get paid

Hooters waitress breaks down how much they actually get paid

She revealed how much she usually makes from tips working at the restaurant

A Hooters waitress has revealed how much she actually earns at her job.

It's a restaurant which it's fair to say divides opinion. Hooters, which is named after the owl in its logo - I mean, what else would it be named after - has often been at the centre of heated discussions.

I suppose owls just really ruffle people's feathers.

The Hooters waitress revealed how much she earns.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

However, one waitress who has worked there for a long time has now shared just how much she earns working at the job.

While the hourly wage for Hooters waitresses is estimated to be between $12 and $16, it's the tips that can really make the difference.

One waitress took to Reddit to break down how much she can expect to earn.

The waitress shared her earnings.
Stan Grossfeld/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The most she has ever taken home in tips in one night was $1,200. That's a pretty hefty sum for one night's work, but not representative of an average day.

She explained that it was Super Bowl Sunday when she made that much. On average she will make around $84,000 a year.

A commenter asked her about her earning.

They said: "Saw a Hooters waitress video where she made like $1000 on tips for the week. Is that reasonable for you?"

She replied: "Pretty reasonable yes, not something totally out of the question but not too normal either. That lies somewhere in the middle."

The restaurants will also host special events such as UFC fight nights, which are a boon for the staff.

She earned more than you might think.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

She said: "They are definitely higher on fight nights. Any special night like that are guaranteed BIG money makers so I always work then."

However, things are not all roses. While the waitress said that most customers are polite, some can be entitled or rude, or make gross comments.

One occasion stuck out for her where a married couple had decided to come there for dinner. I'm not convinced Hooters would be the best place for a date night, but that's just me.

Suffice to say, things didn't end well.

She said: "This karen (actually appropriate to use here) and her husband came in, nothing abnormal going on here… until I randomly get slapped by the wife because her husband was staring at my ass???


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