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Five Guys finally explained why it charges so much for burger and fries

Five Guys finally explained why it charges so much for burger and fries

Customers have often hit out at high prices, but there's a reason for that

You just can’t beat a Five Guys. Those burgers and Cajun fries always hit the spot.

The fast-food chain restaurant just gets it. But there’s no denying the menu is a little on the pricey side.

There’s always someone questioning why Five Guys is so expensive, but one of the company’s employees finally explained it last year.

If you're used to getting a burger for less than the price of your bus fare then you'd better find somewhere else to eat - as Five Guys can charge pretty hefty prices for their American staples, with one customer sharing their outrage after being charged $74 for their order.

When compared to other fast-food chain menus, the choice seems pretty limited with only two main options: a burger or a cheeseburger. Served with a literal mountain of fries.

However, the menu is tailored to supply a myriad of ways to create your burger with toppings, sauces and extras, which are free and unlimited.

From classic choices like ketchup and pickles to more off-beat options like jalapeño peppers and hot sauce - you get to pimp up your patty with whatever toppings you fancy, which is then covered by the price of the burger.

All the toppings please.
Eduardo Parra/Getty Images

Want ketchup, mayo, hot sauce, relish and BBQ sauce? Weird, but go for it.

Five Guys is about making your order exactly how you want it, without messing with the formula and recipe.

What you taste in the US will be the same in Hong Kong and Dubai, as well as on the streets of the UK.

"People come to Five Guys for a simple, great American burger. And that’s what they will get here," Iain Ross-Mackenzie, vice president of operations-APAC at Five Guys International told TRP.

When asked, Iain noted that Five Guys will not be 'localising' their flavors unlike other burger chains that introduce specialty flavours; think the McSpicy Paneer in an Indian McDonald's or bamboo shoots and lotus root with your Chinese KFC chicken.

But why do Five Guys charge so much for its relatively small menu?

But why so expensive, guys?
PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images

"Nothing in store is frozen. We only ever use fresh ingredients," Iain explained.

Five Guys ensures its burgers are served with the best quality produce, from the never-frozen beef patties and fresh vegetables in the burgers to the fries, which are hand-cut in store from potatoes all over the world

They even have an in-store sign to let you know where the potatoes being served that day came from.

Despite its cult following, Five Guys also has a pretty all-American community feel.

"Five Guys is your regular burger joint, where you know the people and the food and we know you and your preferences," Iain said.

So, you're not just paying for the freshest ingredients, but also for the service and All-American culture.

Featured Image Credit: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images / Eduardo Parra/Getty Images

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