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Professional Santa explains what to do if a kid asks for something impossible

Professional Santa explains what to do if a kid asks for something impossible

"Sometimes upsetting things are requested"

A professional Santa has revealed the most difficult questions he's heard Father Christmases asked by children.

Matt is one of the professional Santa Claus at the Ministry of Fun - a school that has been going for over 25 years.

While many kids ask for chocolate or the latest toys, there are some requests which are impossible for Father Christmases to promise they can deliver.

Matt reveals to UNILAD some 'upsetting things' he's heard children say and how Santas are trained to respond.

Matt explains children are 'wonderfully unpredictable' and that's often one of the 'marvellous' perks of the jobs.

"Really, a nice encounter with Father Christmas is one that can go in any direction. And if the child wants to talk about the conventional things of what they want for Christmas, what they're going to leave out, how they've decorated the tree or that sort of thing, then that's great.

"But likewise, they might come in and, and tell Father Christmas, about their skills," Matt explains.

However, Santas also have to hear some more difficult questions or offloads from kids which can be harder to respond to.

Training to work with 'unpredictable' kids all day is no easy feat.
Matt Alexander/PA Wire

Matt reflects he's seen kids request certain things which are impossible for Santa to promise them for Christmas.

"If there's a member of the family that's ill, and their wish for Christmas is their brother will get better or their mom and dad will get back together," he says.

So what do the Father Christmases do when a request like this does come up? And what training are they provided with to respond in the best way?

Some children may have difficult questions for Santa.
Pexels/ Gustavo Fring

Well, Matt says 'all Santa can do is absolutely listen'.

"I think that's the key thing is that you listen to the child you can't obviously fix everything," he continues. "Of course you can't, but you can listen and empathise and certainly ensure that they know that you are sending them all the best wishes and hope for a wonderful Christmas."

Matt resolves: "Santas are certainly are sounding board and children confide in Father Christmas, for all sorts.

"It's genuinely - I mean, I no doubt sound a bit nerdy but - it genuinely is really wonderful and rewarding and can be quite magical.

"[With difficult questions] that does happen, but the main thing is children want to have a jolly happy, memorable time and that's what we strive to deliver."

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/ Gustavo Fring/Matt Alexander/PA Wire

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