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OnlyFans creator moves away from making 'spicy' content as she's now happier working 9-5
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@dasha_daley

OnlyFans creator moves away from making 'spicy' content as she's now happier working 9-5

The Aussie model said she found it 'fulfilling' to be working a 'normal job' again

An OnlyFans model says she found content creation 'boring and lonely' and says she is much more fulfilled after landing herself a 'normal job'.

We often hear of people quitting their 9-5 and launching a successful career on OnlyFans - however one woman has done it the other way round, moving away from the platform and working a ‘normal’ job instead. You can see her talk about the switch here:

Australian model, Dasha Daley, made an OnlyFans account two years ago and made ‘good money’ while enjoying being her own boss.

But she recently posted on TikTok to reveal that she has a ‘real’ job and is feeling much more fulfilled in her new role.

In the clip, the 33-year-old explained: “It’s day one at a real job after being a spicy content creator for two years.

“And after a 10-hour shift, I’m honestly really tired, but I just feel so fulfilled that I’ve got a normal job again and I’ve actually worked.”

Daley’s fans congratulated her on her new job, with one posting: “glad you know what's best for you, all the best in the new journey!”

Another said: “I went back into a ‘normal’ a year ago and I feel the same way, I’m already in management, I feel much more proud and fulfilled as well.”

Dasha Daley says she’s happier working a ‘normal’ job than on OnlyFans.

While a third commented: “This is such an amazing/honest share! Happy for you, that you’re happy.”

In an interview with the New York Post, Daley said the new role - a ‘casual contract' as an events assistants, while she looks for something permanent - gave her ‘a purpose’.

“I feel very exhausted as I am not used to working long hours and dealing with people in real life,’ she told the publication.

“But working a normal job has made me appreciate the challenge of working hard again compared to sitting at home and being completely isolated from society, which affected my mental health badly. It’s nice to be more social again, being challenged and having a purpose.”

The Australian OnlyFans model said working a 10 hour shift was more fulfilling.

Daley believes finding a full time role could be hampered by her OnlyFans work, speaking in a video earlier this month, she said: “I have been applying for jobs and no luck so far.

"And when I do get an interview, hopefully someday, I’m not sure how I’m going to explain what I’ve been doing this whole time.

“But if anyone’s got any tips on what I can do in this instance, and where I should look, please let me know because once you’re out, it’s really hard to get back in the society and try to find a real job.”

Although she’s hoping to nab herself a full time job, Daley said she is still creating OnlyFans content alongside her day job.

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