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Woman making ‘six figures’ a year working three jobs breaks down in tears revealing she’s ‘struggling’ financially
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jourdskir

Woman making ‘six figures’ a year working three jobs breaks down in tears revealing she’s ‘struggling’ financially

Jourdan Skirha has admitted she's 'struggling' financially, despite working three jobs.

While it may be a conversation of 2023 for a lot of folks, many millions of Americans continue to be hit hard by the cost of living crisis every single day.

Some of us are lucky that our 9-5s will cover the increasing cost of bills and amenities, but not everyone is in that fortunate position.

Arizona-born Jourdan Skirha is one of those 'struggling' financially, despite taking up three jobs to try and make ends meet.

The 29-year-old admitted in a recent TikTok video how her three sets of wages are still not enough to cover all of her living expenses.

Her financial position led to Jourdan breaking down in tears in a now viral video.

"I have three jobs. And I'm still f**king struggling," she told viewers in a video that has resonated with millions of people online.

"I'm just getting myself farther and farther into credit card debt, because I don't have enough after the first of the month to avoid using it. It just isn't working."

Jourdan went on to say that she's been working since the age of 15, claiming that she now makes 'six figures'. But despite that, the impact Jourdan's financial situation is having on her is evident to see.

Jourdan broke down in a new video.

"I have seriously considered quitting my full-time good job to go back to serving, because at least I can use my personality and try to get more money than minimum wage or what an 'entry-level' job pays people nowadays," she added.

"It's f**king sick."

On top of her current financial situation, Jourdan claims her credit rating has also taken a hit in recent months as she borrows more to pay the bills.

"My credit used to be f**king phenomenal," she admitted.

"Credit card bill? Paid it all off, every single time. It's not like that. It can't be like that anymore.

"Full time job, not doing it. Got a second job, it's barely doing it. The third job? Hit or miss if I even get paid on time. I feel like I'm drowning and I don't know what to do."

The TikToker claims her salary isn't enough.

She finished the video by asking: "Just wanna know if anyone else is like me right now."

It came after many excused Jourdan of living a lavish lifestyle, with some accusing her of living beyond her means.

The TikToker insisted, however, that she'd 'never give up' some of life's luxuries.

"The one thing I'll never give up personally is getting my nails done, because I have been doing that my entire life," she shared, adding that she also receives regular botox and fillers.

"It doesn't really matter cause it makes me happy."

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