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TikToker reveals staggering amount she makes per month on OnlyFans
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@planbriuncut

TikToker reveals staggering amount she makes per month on OnlyFans

The social media personality has revealed exactly how much she's raking in on OnlyFans

TikToker Tara Lynn has revealed just how much money she makes every single month from OnlyFans.

Tara Lynn first started posting videos to TikTok back in 2019 and has since grown an impressive following of over 4.9 million people.

Nearly five million followers in just under five years is not too shabby at all.

One TikToker has revealed just how much money she makes every single month from OnlyFans.
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She regularly shares various videos like 'day in the life' routines and product reviews.

Tara has also been active on OnlyFans as of May 2021 - just a few years after she started up her TikTok page.

While many of her followers knew about Tara's presence on the adult site, many of her fans have still been taken aback by how much money she makes per month from it.

Heads up - it's big bucks.

Tara has been on OnlyFans since 2021.

Speaking on the Plan Bri Uncut podcast, Tara left the hosts totally speechless after revealing the magic number.

She said: "Until like this past October I would make like $100,000 to $150,000 a month.

"And then I made a TikTok … I vlogged like me getting ready for my OnlyFans shoot, and it did so f***ing well. So now it’s like $350,000 a month."

You can watch an excerpt from the interview below. The clip contains some strong language:

The TikToker went on to call her salary 'insane'.

If we take the upper percentile of Tara's alleged earnings, it could mean that the young woman takes home a whopping $4.2 million every year from OnlyFans alone.

"Women are so lost today."

News of the OnlyFans star's salary definitely divided the internet.

MOODY with Isabella host Isabella Riley has since uploaded a short clip of the podcast to Twitter and captioned it: "Women are so lost today."

One Twitter user totally disagreed with Isabella's claims: "No, women are not lost, it is the men. Who do you think is paying for all of that?"

Another hit back, defending Tara's job writing: "Lost? Sounds like she found her way to the bag to me."

A third, clearly baffled by the social media star's earnings added: "A month. She makes that in a month."

"This is insane," commented a fourth.

Tara revealed her monthly income to her fans.

Tara has also previously spoken to Narcity about her income and explained a little more about exactly what a work day in her life looks like.

"On days that I’m shooting," she revealed, "I like to go to a hotel and film content for 12-15 hours so that I can get a few weeks of content in.

"I like to try to go and do this every two weeks but in between that time I will randomly shoot any content that comes to mind."

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