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Single mom-of-4 shares how much she's made on OnlyFans after less than a year
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@chloesasha21

Single mom-of-4 shares how much she's made on OnlyFans after less than a year

Chloe Sasha previously worked as a receptionist but decided to quit her job and turn to OnlyFans

A single mom-of-four has shared how much she’s made on OnlyFans after less than a year on the platform - and it doesn’t sound like she’s doing too badly with the venture.

Chloe Sasha, 29, was previously working as a receptionist, but decided to quit her job and turn to OnlyFans in 2021.

Initially, she focused on her free page, but began actively posting on her paid account in June 2022.

Less than a year on, Chloe’s managed to find huge success on the site, which she now uses as a full-time source of revenue following a recent divorce.

Speaking to Insider last month, she explained: “I was a stay-at-home mom - that's all I did for the past, like five years - and the transition was hard.

"When I was working my 9 to 5 and I was trying to figure it out, I just barely saw them."

Chloe Sasha.

Chloe, who lives in Arizona, said she initially ‘winged it’ when coming up with ideas for her brand, which incorporates features of her Mexican heritage including language and food, with formats including a cooking series and daily lessons teaching others a ‘spicy’ Spanish word of the day.

And the approach is clearly paying off, as she’s already been raking in some serious cash.

Since June 2022, she has made around $196,000 in net income, with her highest-earning month being March 2023 - when she made more than $30,000.

Chloe said her income is split almost evenly between subscriptions, for which she charges $10 monthly, and custom content such as direct messages, which come with an undisclosed price tag.

On top of this, she livestreams on OnlyFans twice a week, with fans able to pay a $10 tip to access it.

Chloe said one of the keys to growing her audience has been nailing safe-for-work content - not least because many social media sites have strict guidelines surrounding adult content.

Chloe also has a cooking series.

She’s been able to repurpose her racier videos for mainstream feeds, such as using the same recipes for her cooking series but changing the nudity levels.

"They're more censored for my Instagram, and then I'm wearing way less for my OnlyFans," she said.

"So I'll do similar things to both pages."

Outside of OnlyFans, her top platforms are Instagram, where she has 238,000 followers, TikTok, with 161,500, and Twitter, where she has 28,500.

She is hopeful that her OnlyFans venture will act as a stepping stone to becoming a higher profile influencer, having started working with PR company HighKey Agency back in April.

This could include branching out to acting and modeling, both of which Chloe is keen to try, adding: "I want to start other things with my brand name."

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