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Comedian handles having beer thrown at her by heckler perfectly on stage

Comedian handles having beer thrown at her by heckler perfectly on stage

Ariel Elias has been praised for the way she reacted to the heckler

A comedian was met with applause and cheers for the perfect way she handled a heckler throwing beer at her while she was performing on stage.

As much as I like to think otherwise, I'm no comedian. However, I'm confident the profession is one which requires thick skin to deal not only with the jokes falling flat, but with members of the audience who deem the performance the perfect time to share their opinions of you.

Being heckled isn't an uncommon situation, but comedian Ariel Elias found herself having to deal with a more physical attack recently during a performance at Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club in New Jersey, where the conversation turned to politics.

See what one person did to demonstrate their frustration over the fact people have different opinions here:

The altercation took place after Elias opened the floor up to the audience, asking whether anyone had any questions and receiving a response asking whether she'd voted for Donald Trump or Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

After the audience member expressed belief that Elias had voted for Trump, the comedian told the crowd they should all vote for whoever they wanted to, adding: "I don't care who you voted for, I'm just happy we're all here together."

Her measured response unfortunately only served to rile the heckler even more, prompting them to call out: "So you voted for Biden!"

Ever the comedian, Elias managed to get a laugh and applause out of the situation as she pointed out she could tell the heckler voted for Trump, because they were 'still talking when nobody wants you to'.

Elias admitted she brought on the conversation herself by asking if anyone had any questions, thinking she could 'have a human interaction', but she quickly tried to change the subject and carry on with her routine.

That, however, did not make the heckler happy. Elias turned in surprise as a can of beer was hurled at the wall next to her, while supportive audience members berated the person responsible.

Rather than rising to the heckler, Elias turned the situation in her favour by picking up the can and chugging it, much to the delight of - the majority of - the crowd.

Her response received cheers and applause, and footage of the scene shared on TikTok has been met with a wealth of support online.

"QUEEN. you handled that perfectly. I assume they were thrown out?!," one person responded, while another commented: "PROPS TO YOU !!! Drinking the beer was the ultimate come back."

I bet the heckler didn't anticipate ending the night by hooking up a Biden supporter with a drink, but like it or not, Elias made sure that's where it ended up.

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Featured Image Credit: ariel_comedy/TikTok

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