President Joe Biden caught on hot mic saying 'no one f**ks with a Biden'

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President Joe Biden caught on hot mic saying 'no one f**ks with a Biden'

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The US president has been caught dropping the F-bomb while in Florida to survey the damage from Hurricane Ian.

TMZ reported that following a joint news conference with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the Commander in Chief was captured chatting with Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy.

Biden could be heard on the hot mic telling Murphy ‘No one f**ks with a Biden’.


To which the mayor replied: “You're goddamn right!"

I mean, 'no one f**ks with a Biden' is definitely a better campaign slogan than ‘Make American Great Again’.

Can we please have it printed on some tees and mugs?

While it’s unclear exactly what the two were talking about, it was seemingly a light-hearted conversation as the men chuckled while shaking hands and then parted ways.

The viral moment has amused many on social media; as one person wrote on Twitter: “People like this side of him because he's able to pull it off in a way that seems charming rather than angry. He'd be well served to lean into it.”

Another commented: “Say it louder @POTUS!”

A third person shared: “Before this, my favorite Biden moment was his BFD comment when President Obama signed the ACA”

Another wrote: "Can’t wait to watch the pearl-clutching over this one."

While another added: “We need more Democrats with this attitude. Not the self enriching wimps like @Sen_JoeManchin, @SenSchumer. Biden is #Darkbrandon alter ego.”

Dark Brandon refers to a series of memes portraying President Joe Biden's more cunning and edgy side.

If you haven’t seen these circling the internet, these memes appropriate DarkMAGA imagery usually taken from right-wing posters.

Credit: DarkBrandon2020/Twitter
Credit: DarkBrandon2020/Twitter

The meme originated from conservatives' catchphrase ‘Let Go Brandon’, which openly mocked Biden's perceived inability to act forcefully.

It’s also code amongst Republicans meaning ‘f**k you Joe Biden’.

According to Fox News, the phrase began during the Covid-19 pandemic when Brandon Brown won the NASCAR Xfinity Series race on October 2, 2021.

The outlet said conservatives were yelling profanities in response to the President's lockdown restrictions.

During Brown's post-race interview, the crowd began chanting ‘f**k you Joe Biden’; however, reporter NBC reporter Kelli Stavast misheard what people were yelling, believing they were saying ‘let’s go Brandon’, unintentionally coining the term.

And the rest is history.

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