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Three men found guilty of murdering rapper XXXTentacion

Three men found guilty of murdering rapper XXXTentacion

XXXTentacion was shot dead in 2018 outside a Florida motorcycle shop.

Three men have been convicted for the robbery killing of rap star XXXTentacion.

Michael Boatwright, 28, Dedrick Williams, 26 and the accused ringleader Trayvon Newsome, 24 have been convicted of first-degree murder and armed robbery.

They will receive mandatory life sentences at a later date.

A fourth person, Robert Allen, 25, plead guilty to second-degree murder last year.

He testified for the prosecution against the other three.

The three men have been punished for their crimes against 20-year-old XXXTentacion, who was shot dead outside a Florida motorcycle shop in 2018.

Surveillance video from the incident saw the rapper, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy, leaving Riva Motorsports in suburban Fort Lauderdale on June 18 with a friend.

His BMW was suddenly blocked by an SUV that swerved in front as two masked gunmen then emerged and confronted X at the driver’s window.

One person shot Onfroy repeatedly after a 45-second struggle.

The masked thugs then grabbed a Louis Vuitton bag containing $50,000, which the musician had just withdrawn from the bank.

They then got back into the SUV and sped away. The friend was not harmed.

The rapper was getting money out to purchase a motorbike.
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Onfroy was a platinum-selling rising star who tackled issues including prejudice and depression in his songs.

He also drew criticism over bad behaviour and multiple arrests, including charges that he severely beat and abused his ex-girlfriend.

Lead prosecutor Pascale Achille showed the jury a number social media posts, which showed the suspects flex their stolen cash just hours after XXXTentacion’s death.

"This is who they are. This is their real character,” Achille said.

"Killers that within 24 hours after shooting the victim dead and stealing $50,000 from him, this is what they do.

"Look at how happy they look. Look at how excited they look.”

Three men have been convicted for the robbery killing of rap star XXXTentacion.

Last month, footage of Onfroy from inside the bank went viral and fans of the rapper flocked to social media to pay tribute.

One said: "Never seen this footage before. It’s so healing to see the smile on his face and his aura just heartwrenching knowing what follows. REST IN PEACE XXX."

"Handsome boy. He seemed deep in thought, wandering but content. His energy is truly unmatched. We miss you," another wrote.

A third commented: "We all miss you Jahseh Onfroy, I can't even watch this all the way through but I know he tried to get his life straight and fix all of his mistakes that he did, he will be missed R.I.P."

A final said: "It's unfortunate seeing the last moments of this young man's life unfold; RIP, my brother; I hope your killers get the justice they deserve!"

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