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Will Smith Mocks Bald Man Who 'Waxes His Head' In Resurfaced Footage

Will Smith Mocks Bald Man Who 'Waxes His Head' In Resurfaced Footage

Resurfaced footage has revealed Will Smith making a joke about someone with a bald head

Footage has resurfaced of Will Smith making a joke about someone with a bald head.

The Fresh Prince star became the most talked about person of the Oscars after he took to the stage to slap Chris Rock for making a 'GI Jane 2' joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's hair, a result alopecia.

However, a clip has since resurfaced online of Smith in 1991 on The Arsenio Hall Show joking around with John B. Williams, the bassist of The Posse, over his lack of hair.

One user who shared the clip reflected how they 'love the internet' because 'it never forgets'.

In the clip, Smith states: "Like, he has a rule – the bass player? He's got a rule: He's gotta wax his head every day. That's a rule."

When the audience laughs awkwardly in response, Smith responds: "Ah these are jokes, come on."

Social media users have since exploded online, with many pointing out the contradictory nature of Smith's slapping of Rock after making such a joke about someone's lack of hair himself.

However, it's unclear whether Williams has the same condition as Pinkett Smith.

One said: "Chris Rock got assaulted live on air in front of millions... by Will Smith. Chris was the ultimate professional. Cool calm and collected. Will on the other hand embarrassed himself & family. Reason because video of Will mocking a bald man has surface."

“'He gotta wax his head every morning.' Now this is a video of Will Smith saying a joke about someone with Alopecia. One reason I love the internet, it never forgets," another said.

A third explained that they have started seeing people 'deleting tweets since this video surfaced'.

However, others argued that you can't 'equate making fun of a bald man to making fun of a bald woman'.

"In context: this was 31 years ago when Will Smith was 22. Trying to equivocate a 22 year old (we were all dumb, all of us) versus someone in their 50s, knowing full well Jada has been public about this, is silly," another said.

A user also reflected: "You're saying that nobody has the right to become a better person? All mistakes that you did when you were younger define who you are today? You didn't learn anything from your past?"

Smith later apologised for his behaviour in his acceptance speech for the Best Actor award.

He also took to Instagram to issue an apology to Rock, stating that 'violence in all of its forms is poisonous and destructive'.

After publicly apologising to Rock and the Academy, he concluded that he 'deeply regret[s]' his behaviour and reflected that he is 'a work in progress'.

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Featured Image Credit: CBS

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