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Vera Wang's daughters mistaken for her sisters as she poses in age-defying photo with them

Vera Wang's daughters mistaken for her sisters as she poses in age-defying photo with them

The designer defies her age with her youthful appearance

Vera Wang has once again proven herself to be the queen of anti-ageing with the fashion icon's daughters being mistaken for her sisters in recent photos uploaded to Instagram.

Wang is the designer behind some of Hollywood's most iconic wedding gowns, dressing the likes of Ariana Grande, Gwen Stefani and Mariah Carey on their big days.

But, she has also become somewhat of a spokesperson for ageing backwards in recent years, as fans and followers obsess over her youthful appearance.

Earlier this year, Wang revealed how she stays looking so young and her top tips are something we can all get on board with.

Speaking to Page Six, the 74-year-old said: "I do eat McDonald’s, absolutely.

"I order it every day, like two weeks on it, and then I’ll change."

And, the bridal designer also has a penchant for Dunkin' Donuts, saying the 'cream-filled, sugar-coated donut' and 'pink with sprinkles' are two of her favorites.

Vera Wang fans have long-obsessed over the designer's youthful looks.

She has also previously spoken about how her love for her work keeps her young.

"Work was my lifeline that kept me feeling relevant and challenged me over the years," she explained in an interview with Elle.

"I think the mind is more powerful than one could ever understand.

"The challenges that work and life present us is what keeps us going."

Now, Wang's youthful appearance has stunned her 894,000 Instagram followers once again after she shared a holiday snap with her daughters, Cecilia Becker, 33, and Josephine Becker, 30.

Her followers were left stunned when the 74-year-old posted a recent snap alongside her daughters, who they claim she looks just as young as.

In a series of pictures captioned "Me and my girls..!!! So happy together," she crouches next to her daughters as they pose in matching gowns.

Vera's gown, which she designed herself, features a shiny teal fabric and a large floral detail on the shoulder.

Meanwhile, her daughters also wore bespoke Vera Wang slips covered in shimmering sequins.

Social media users were blown away by the beautiful pictures, with many writing that Wang looked like she could be her daughters' sibling, despite an age gap spanning four decades.

One person wrote: "Your girls are beautiful just like their mom is. Merry Christmas Vera and family."

Another commented: "You look stunning! Instead of Mom and daughters you look like 3 beautiful sisters."

And a third user said: "Absolutely gorgeous! You are a force to be reckoned with in the age defying category!"

If a Big Mac and fries is the secret to staying young, count us in!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@verawang

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