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Billionaire Tyler Perry still occasionally drives car he lived in when he was homeless for powerful reason
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@tylerperry

Billionaire Tyler Perry still occasionally drives car he lived in when he was homeless for powerful reason

Fans are praising the billionaire TV and film entrepreneur for being 'humble'

Tyler Perry drives a car that was very similar to the one he slept in when he was homeless for a very powerful reason.

The 53-year-old rose to film after writing and producing many stage plays in the 90s and early 00s before shifting into television and film in the mid-00s.

After creating the Madea character which he has now played in countless films, finding success in television with the sitcom Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and hit films like Madea's Family Reunion, Perry partnered up with Oprah Winfrey and her cable network OWN.

He also launched the Atlanta-based Tyler Perry Studios in 2015, partnered up with ViacomCBS and has written two New York Times best-selling books.

Perry has created a media empire and is now a billionaire.

All of these successful ventures have helped Perry become a billionaire, according to Forbes, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Despite his massive success, Perry still remembers his humble beginnings.

He reflected on this time in his life in an Instagram post where he shared footage of himself driving a blue Geo Metro car which is very similar to the car that was his only shelter during a period of homelessness.

“Every now and then I take my Geo Metro out for a spin. (When I was homeless it was a car just like this that was my shelter),” he captioned the post, implying that the car in the clip was not the exact car he drove back then but is similar.

“If looking back at how far you’ve come doesn’t make you thankful, I don’t know what will."

The father-of-one concluded: “There’s no way to be ungrateful when you appreciate every blessing you have. And if you’re still in the struggle please fight on…. It’s so sweet on the other side of pain.”

Tyler Perry was praised for being 'humble'.

Fans and celebrities alike took to the comments to praise Perry for his attitude. “That’s why you are so humble,” one follower gushed.

Another fan shared: “Everybody truly has a story.”

A third admirer penned: “I can relate, living in my car and homeless. God was there all the way through and through…”

A fourth commenter shared: “We all have some obstacles in our lives. I'm happy that you have overcome the hurdles that were in yours. You keep smiling and making others smile. I think you for being you.”

Actor Brely Evans joked: “I’m keeping my car too! Yessssssss.”

Model and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Eva Marcille was clearly taken by the emotional backstory of the car and Perry’s rise to success, writing: “Look at GOD”.

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