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Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend issues blunt warning to Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend issues blunt warning to Taylor Swift

Maya Benberry offered some sisterly advice to the global pop star if she wants to date the NFL player.

The world continues to be captivated by the rumored romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

The pop star turned up at the NFL player's game on Sunday and it sent the internet into a frenzy.

While they haven't commented on their suspected relationship, Kelce's ex-girlfriend has issued some sisterly advice to the 33-year-old.

Maya Benberry was one of 50 women who competed in a game show to be the Kansas City Chiefs tight end's girlfriend.

Yes, there was a Bachelor-style TV show where a woman from every US state vied for his heart.

Benberry and Kecle dated for a few months after Catching Kelce finished filming before separating.

She's now come out of the woodwork to make sure Swift is aware of what she's getting herself into.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the marketing and brand consulting expert said: "Taylor seems like such a fun girl with a beautiful spirit so I wish her the best of luck but I wouldn’t be a girls' girl if I didn’t advise her to be smart!

"I’m sure by now she has mastered the ability to see who is really there for her - and who is just using her."

Kelce has been accused of being unfaithful in a relationship he had after Maya, which is something he strenuously denied.

When the NFL player and Kayla Nicole ended things in 2020, there were rumours it was because he cheated.

At the time, Travis said on social media: "This is fake news... a lie... and not why Kayla and I broke up... take all your hatred somewhere else please."

A source close to Kelce has shut down cheating rumors to TMZ, adding: "A poor excuse of someone trying to get her 15 min of fame."

Fast forward a few years and now it appears he and Taylor Swift are getting to know each other.

He put it out in the universe earlier this year that he wanted to meet the global musical sensation.

Travis explained that he had made a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it and planned to give it to Swift when she performed in Kansas City.

Sadly for him, he discovered she doesn't meet with people before or after her show to conserve her voice.

So, he did the next best thing.

“I threw the ball in her court. I told her, ‘I’ve seen you rock the stage in Arrowhead [Stadium], you might have to come see me rock the stage in Arrowhead and see which one is a little more lit," he said on The Pat McAfee Show.

“So, we’ll see what happens in the near future."

And then she was at the Kansas City stadium to cheer him on and was sat next to his mom.

They were later seen leaving together and drove off into the sunset.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@paytonsun. Instagram/Maya Benberry

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