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Tom Hanks was asked if he remembered words to rap from 1988 movie Big and he didn't disappoint
Featured Image Credit: YouTube.Wong Fu Productions

Tom Hanks was asked if he remembered words to rap from 1988 movie Big and he didn't disappoint

Hanks celebrates his 67th birthday today (July 9), with an incredible video of the Saving Private Ryan star resurfacing.

As Tom Hanks celebrates his 67th birthday today (July 9), an amazing video of the actor has resurfaced online.

It shows the Oscar winner performing a rap from one of his classic films, as legendary filmmaker Ron Howard looks on.

Even more impressively, the A-List actor flawlessly delivers the song despite him originally recording the track for 1988’s Big.

The incredible footage was captured back in 2016, as Hanks did a press tour for Inferno in Italy.

As he left, the Saving Private Ryan actor was stopped by vloggers Wesley Chan and Philip Wang, who begged the actor for a chat.

Kindly obliging, he chatted with the filmmakers, who then asked him if he remembered the rap from Big, as they’d grown up with the classic kids' film.

If you are unfamiliar with the 80s movie, it tells the charming story of a 12-year-old Josh Baskin who wishes to be ‘big’ and wakes up as a 30-year-old man (Hanks).

Though the film was released over three decades ago, the actor threw himself into the iconic rap complete with actions as he did a duet with Wang – proving why he’s an Oscar winner.

Looking on in total shock was legendary film director Ron Howard, who was in awe of Hank’s performance and memory.

Despite being uploaded six years ago, the video by Wong Fu Productions regularly goes viral and has been seen over 936,000 times by the actor’s legion of fans.

The actor starred in the classic kids film back in 1988.
20th Century Fox

However, it’s not just the impressive rap that keeps drawing audiences on YouTube.

The video also contains an incredible fact about Big, with Hanks revealing that the classic song was actually ‘stolen’ from his kids’ summer camp.

The veteran actor explained: “We needed a thing in the movie and I said, ‘How about if we just do this little thing, what would you do?’ So I did it and we banged it out.”

In the comments, fans gushed about how down-to-earth Hanks was and how incredible it was that he remembered the rap from over 28 years ago.

One excited fan even wrote: “That rap with Tom Hanks automatically gets a like and a favourite. Just so awesome. I also can't believe that Tom remembered the rap from so long ago.”

Others agreed, with another adding: “You can see Phil slowly descend deeper into the euphoria of his childhood dream when Tom began rapping with him.”

We can’t wait to see Hanks recreate classic Toy Story scenes, as he makes the fifth instalment of the beloved Disney franchise.

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