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Ron Howard says seeing his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard fully nude in play was 'complete assault on his psyche'

Ron Howard says seeing his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard fully nude in play was 'complete assault on his psyche'

The actor opened up about the traumatic experience

Ron Howard, 69, has said that seeing his daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, 42, completely nude in a play was 'complete assault on his psyche'.

The Happy Days star opened up about the 'bold' production and the traumatic effect it ended up having on him.

He had no idea he was going to see his daughter completely naked until the play began and it was too late to back out.

Definitely not the father-daughter moment he was hoping for, then.

The Oscar-winning director revealed exactly what he felt about his daughter's play.

Bettina Strenske / Alamy Stock Photo

Speaking on an episode of In Depth with Graham Bensinger that was released to YouTube yesterday (29 March), Howard looked back on some of the many 'impactful moments' from Bryce Dallas' early acting career.

He explained that the whole thing began when he went to support Bryce Dallas in an independent college play totally, none the wiser of the pending X-rated material he was about to sit through.

"Within seven or eight minutes into the show, nobody had any clothes on," Howard revealed of the experimental theatre production.

The Hollywood legend continued: "I was sitting next to my dad - I wasn't sure what he would think.

"When it was over, he turned to me and said, 'I think that's just great. That's what college is all about.'"

Trying to see the best out of a bizarre situation, he remembered that his dad said that the experience would mean Bryce Dallas was 'never going to be afraid onstage again'.

"It was a complete assault on a father's psyche."
YouTube/Graham Bensinger

"That's just the way he viewed things," Howard went on, "so, he was proud of her, of her courage as an artist."

It sure takes a lot of courage to be totally in the buff in front of your dad and grandad for the entirety of a play.

But the Arrested Development star clearly had some very differing views to his more open-minded father.

Bensinger then asked Howard if he had any qualms before seeing his daughter in the indie play.

He revealed that he didn't have any initial reluctance because he 'knew there was nudity'.

What he didn't know, however, was that it was 'full-body, nonstop'.

Howard went on to call the whole situation a total shock to his system, admitting to Bensinger: "It was a complete assault on a father's psyche."


Many people flooded in to share Howard's pain with one fellow father writing: "Wow! As a father of several daughters... there is no way l would want to see that!"

"No father, let alone a grandfather, should ever see their daughter/granddaughter naked!" commented another.

"His goofy ass could’ve stayed home," added a final YouTube user. "I mean he had a clue that there was nudity in the play."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Graham Bensinger/Bettina Strenske / Alamy Stock Photo

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