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Steve-O once swallowed weed-filled condoms to get the drug into another country
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Steve-O once swallowed weed-filled condoms to get the drug into another country

The Jackass star smoked the weed once he arrived

As a star of Jackass it's really no surprise that Steve-O has done some pretty wild things in his time, but now the entertainer has admitted to ingesting condoms filled with weed for the sake of getting high.

From using himself as shark bait to jumping into a paddling pool filled with elephant sh*t, Steve-O has done it all.

Swallowing a drug-filled condom seems pretty tame in comparison, but being who he is, the Jackass star even took that to the extreme.

The 48-year-old took to Reddit to share all sorts of insights to his life in an 'Ask Me Anything' post this weekend, and naturally fans were keen to hear all of his wackiest and wildest stories.

Steve-O has performed all kinds of stunts in his time.
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One intrigued fan got straight to the point, asking Steve-O: "What’s the most weight of drugs you’ve put up your a** to bring into another country?"

It's not necessarily the strangest of questions, considering the entertainer has previously been known to put literal explosives - in the form of fireworks - up his a**, but Steve-O responded to say he's actually never put drugs up there.

He did claim to have come up with a different way to smuggle substances across borders, though.

Steve-O responded: "I never put drugs up my a**, I just put weed into condoms and swallowed them before traveling."

The thought of having to swallow a condom is probably difficult enough for some people to get their head around, let alone what comes next.

Steve-O continued: "[I] then sh*t them out and smoked it."

We're not just talking about one condom, either. The entertainer explained that he dropped a number of the rubber bombs before heading off to film the series Wildboyz, which saw Steve-O take on stunts with Chris Pontius.

"I swallowed four or five of them at once one time before leaving on a trip to film Wildboyz (probably a little less than an eighth oz per condom)," he wrote.

It's unclear where Steve-O was filming at the time, but we can only assume it was somewhere where weed is illegal. I'd hope he wouldn't go through all that effort if he could have just purchased it there.

The response received a lot of upvotes from fans, with one responding to his post to confirm that he was 'truly a wild f**king boy'.

Among the questions asked by fans include how often Steve-O now hangs out with some of his former co-stars, as well as 'the worst pain' he's ever felt.

It's not a stunt, if you were wondering. Instead, he said, it's 'of the emotional variety'.

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