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Bam Margera’s brother hits out after fan accuses Steve-O of ‘throwing him to the wolves’

Bam Margera’s brother hits out after fan accuses Steve-O of ‘throwing him to the wolves’

Bam Margera's behaviour has become increasingly erratic in recent months, seriously concerning fans

Bam Margera’s brother has angrily hit out at a fan after they accused Steve-O of throwing the star to ‘the wolves’.

The Twitter spat has come amid the former Jackass star's increasingly erratic behaviour in recent months, with the TV personality even going missing last week.

Whilst Margera was later found, fans have become concerned about the former stuntman who has a well-documented history of substance and alcohol abuse.

After appearing on Jackass in the noughties, Margera has entered rehab several times and was sober for just over a year.

In June of last year his behaviour began to escalate, with the TV prankster escaping his rehab facility with him being readmitted sporadically throughout 2022.

After struggling with substance abuse, Magera's behaviour (pictured on the right) has become increasingly erratic.
Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo

During his appearance on Steve-O's Wild Ride! Podcast, Magera revealed his health had suffered and was having up to five seizures a day whilst in hospital.

During all of this, his wife Nikki Body also filed for divorce and claimed that he was under the influence of alcohol.

During one episode the former stuntman went missing, with his brother Jess asking for fans to keep their eyes out for the star on Twitter.

He tweeted: "If anyone in the LA area knows of Bams [sic] current whereabouts or a hotel he might be at please call the LAPD immediately."

He added: “I am trying to get them to ping his phone but as usual it’s a huge process and I don’t think we have that kind of time.”

Jess later told fans that the stuntman had been found and gives regular updates about Margera’s health on Twitter.

In a thread on the post, one fan accused Margera’s loved ones of not supporting the star – including former co-star Steve O.

One fan accused Magera's co-star of throwing him to the 'wolves'.
Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo

They pointedly wrote: “…if they cared about people more than money, they would be. After all the bulls**t they've done to bam these last few years idk why they're surprised he's freaking out.

"They threw him to the wolves with that Lima b***h and they've lied so much he doesn't trust anyone.”

Understandably, Margera’s brother angrily responded to the claim and compared the Twitter user to a misinformed receptionist.

His tweet read: “You remind me of the receptionist at my mechanic's garage who told me 'she knows what’s REALLY going on with covid 19' lol. A random secretary in a small town knows better than the world health organization haha.”

As the spat continued, he lashed out and wrote: “Because you watched a YouTube about my brothers situation for 10 minutes you are now an expert at something that has been going on for literally 22 years.”

UNILAD has reached out to Bam Margera's legal representative for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo

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